Interview: Michael Winterbottom On His New Comedy Film Greed

Director Michael Winterbottom sat down with Zavvi to discuss his compelling new movie Greed, which stars Steve Coogan, David Mitchell and Isla Fisher.

Focusing on the inequality and injustice of the fashion retail industry, Greed is inspired by the owners of high street brands such as Topshop, with Winterbottom revealing how he approached looking at the two contrasting worlds – the super-rich and their exploited workers.

While Greed is a comedy, Winterbottom hopes it also encourages audiences to consider what is really going on behind the scenes of their most recent high-street bargain.

Watch the interview now:

Greed hits UK cinemas 21st February.

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Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner

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Matthew Turner is a freelance film journalist and host of the Fatal Attractions podcast. His favourite film is Vertigo and he hasn't missed an episode of EastEnders since 1998.