Vampire Movies That Don’t Suck

Real vampires don’t sparkle… Thankfully there’s plenty of vampire movies across all genres which don’t require sunglasses (or sick bags) to enjoy. Check out some of our top choices below.

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Only Lovers Left Alive is a slow burning tale about longevity and the nature of things. Adam and Eve, a pair of sensitive, intellectual vampire lovers are reunited when Eve senses Adam beginning to spiral, but their meditative existence is disrupted when Eve’s uncontrollable younger sister arrives. It also has a fantastic soundtrack.

Lost Boys (1987)

Two brothers move to Santa Cruz, California and find themselves in a town overrun by vampires. One brother finds himself drawn to them through his fascination with a particular young woman, while the other tries to prevent his brother from turning into a vampire.

Underworld (2003)

A retelling of the classic vampires versus werewolves feud. Selene is a vampire Death Dealer bent on destroying the Lycans who allegedly killed her family, she decides to capture a human who is of great interest to the Lycans and a mutinous plot unfolds. The Underworld franchise is as resilient as its characters so you have time to catch up on the story so far before the next instalment in 2017.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

A version of Dracula based closely on Bram Stoker’s classic novel of the same name starring Gary Oldman as Dracula himself. The infamous Dracula pursues the fiancé of a young law clerk when he believes her to be the reincarnation of his former bride. Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula vision brings back some dignity to the creature that seemed doom to camp interpretations forevermore.

Blade (1998)

Blade is the eponymous, badass vampire hunter who, though a human-vampire hybrid himself, becomes the world’s protector in trying to track down a particularly power hungry vampire. The film is based loosely on the Marvel comic book hero of the same name.

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Criminal desperados, the Grecko brothers, are trying to escape into Mexico but when the duo make it across the border with their hostages, they find themselves in the wrong bar at the wrong time. When the sun goes down a Mexican stand-off ensues with an escalating number of vampires.

Vampire’s Kiss (1988)

We confess, this cult film made it onto our list mainly because of the indomitable presence of Nicholas Cage. Cage plays a publishing executive who after an encounter with a neck biter thinks that he’s turning into a vampire. His actions become increasingly insane, muddled and entertaining as he tries to adapt to his supposed new lot in life.

Byzantium (2012)

The atmospheric story of a mother and daughter vampire duo who attempt to hide from an ancient vampire brotherhood, after they are discovered to have broken the group’s tradition that meant only men could become vampires.

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