Why You Should Watch My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia is a classic underdog story that has quickly been ramping up in popularity over the years. With the manga kicking off in 2014 created by Kohei Hirikoshi, My Hero Academia has enjoyed a successful run of the manga, and is still published in Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump to this day. Later in 2016, Anime studio BONES (Full Metal Alchemist, Mob Psycho 100) picked up the manga series to adapt for the screen, and has enjoyed a successful first season, with a second currently airing!

The series is all about a world full of people with superpowers, or ‘quirks’. However, our hero Izuku, a normal middle-school student doesn’t have one, and is ostracized by his classmates and bullied. Despite this, Izuku keeps his head held high, and after a chance encounter, he finds himself meeting the legendary All Might, and being inducted into one of the most prestigious Hero Academies in the country.

The tale of Izuku is a classic Shonen manga, using lots of the tropes, such as the underdog hero and more to create a compelling world and characters. Despite being a Japanese Manga, the series is drawn in a more Western comic book-like style and offers viewers an accessible experience for first-timers. Featuring over the top superpowers, battles and more, My Hero Academia has all the makings of a modern classic.
The New York Times awarded My Hero Academia one of the best international shows of 2016, with its inspirational themes, universal appeal and eclectic cast of characters helping the show become another hit like other Shonen Jump stalwarts such as One Piece, Dragonball and Naruto. Catch up with the story of My Hero Academia with this awesome special-edition Blu-Ray, beautifully adorned with the bright colours and artwork from the show! Don’t miss out on this emerging, smash hit anime.

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