Jackass Forever Stars Reveal The Stunt Too Outrageous For Cinemas

Jackass Forever offered cinema audiences things that no other film has ever dared to do so before.

Few stunts in the comedy hit were as likely to make audiences simultaneously cringe and cry with laughter than the new and improved ‘cup test’.

Here, star ‘Danger’ Ehren McGhehey was forced to contend with various genital trauma including being punched by a heavyweight boxer in the nether regions, being hit by a hockey puck, and to top it all off, a pogo stick bouncing right on his goolies.

Slapstick comedy has never been so viscerally painful to watch – but as the cast told Zavvi, this is far from the most jaw-dropping moment of penis trauma they filmed.

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Star Dave England said: “The worst I got hurt didn’t even make the cinema version! I got my dick as close as you can get it to being ripped off without ripping it off. I swear I’m not exaggerating.

“The fact it didn’t make it into the theatrical cut really just tells you all you need to know about the calibre of this movie – we just had too many weiners in it, we needed to draw the line somewhere.”

McGhehey, who pointed out he was “hurt the worst” by England during filming, said that the reason for the franchise’s continued success is that nobody else in the world knows how to find comedy through pain quite like they can.

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“Dave’s really good at hurting me”, he told Zavvi. “But we’re just really good at hurting each other in general!

“The worst (co-star) Preston Lacy got hit was with the ‘Milwaukee Power Saw’ with some boxing gloves on it. But luckily he had his bro there to make him feel good after every time – I’m a really good fluffer.”

The cast were excited to return for this fourth feature length outing, joking that every time they say it’s time to call it a day, the phone starts ringing again.

Even though their latest film is called Jackass Forever, they’ve definitively ruled out calling this their last hurrah.

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But this did raise another question: more than 20 years after Jackass first aired on MTV, why are audiences still eager to see the guys injure each other?

McGhehey said the reason is simple: “It’s probably because our chemistry is just like that of any other family  – and people like to see their family beat each other up.

“You know, some people like a train wreck, but we get more creative than just offering these dangerous stunts – we like to have fun. And as long as people still like to see that, we’ll keep doing it.”

Jackass Forever is available on Blu-Ray and DVD from 2nd May.

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