Meet The Stars Of “F**ked Up” Serial Killer Thriller Titane

Agathe Rousselle hates horror movies.

Even after making her screen debut working with Julia Ducournau, the French filmmaker who made audiences rush for sick bags with her cannibal drama Raw a few years earlier, Rousselle still can’t imagine anything she’d like to watch less.

“When promoting a film like Titane, everybody you speak to assumes you love horror”, she explained to The Lowdown, “so I tried watching some. I started out with the remake of Suspiria, and after an hour I was wondering why I was doing it to myself.”

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Taking a starring role in a film that has already become notorious for having audience members faint during screenings may not seem like a natural fit for the actress.

But then, there’s very little about Titane that’s conventional; a brutal first act, in which psychopathic serial killer Alexia goes on the run after taking too many victims, soon becomes a tender family drama as she disguises herself as Adrien, the long lost son of fireman Vincent (Vincent Lindon).

In this month’s issue of our free digital magazine The Lowdown, we caught up with Rousselle and her co-star, French screen icon Vincent Lindon, about their twisted (and surprisingly moving) reinvention of the serial killer drama.

Read the full interview here.

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Alistair Ryder

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