Kidult Gift Guide – Best Products For The Young At Heart

Toys are no longer just for kids.

According to a recent BBC News report, in 2023, there was a 6% year-on-year increase in sales of toys to “kidults”, a demographic that has grown rapidly since lockdown in 2020. It’s now predicted that this group alone are responsible for at least £1 billion in sales annually.

So, what has driven the rise in “Kidults”? Analysts have attributed this to the popularity of board games during lockdown, which unleashed a continued interest for new table-top challenges amongst a broader audience – the explosion of “board game cafes” across the country is further evidence of this new boom.

Then there are the cuddly toys and action figures, which are no longer exclusively catering for kids and collectors. Adults are increasingly buying these for themselves due to their mental health benefits, another trend which can be directly attributed to lockdown a few years’ prior.

Here at Zavvi, we’ve noticed a sharp uptick in this trend too, and have a wide array of toys and games that are proving extremely popular with the young at heart. These are just a few of our most in-demand ranges for Kidults.

Trading Card Games


When you think of Trading Card Games – or TCG’s, as the cool kids call them – you probably still think of the football and Pokémon cards you used to collect and swap with your mates at school. Well, those are still very much around, but the industry has gone under a major evolution since then, attracting more players of all ages.

For example, you can now get Pokémon decks designed to make you play like a world champion, with various expansion packs designed to take the game to the next level. With the series having been popular for more than two decades, it can be head-spinning to find an entry point to this TCG for newcomers, amidst all the Premium Collection and World Championship decks currently available.

However, newbies are more than catered for with items like the Trainers Toolkit, which offers everything – from cards to other relevant play accessories – you need to send your pocket monsters into battle. The eclectic, expansive world of TCG’s can seem daunting from the outside, but there are always easily accessible entry points, which are directly responsible for their enduring popularity over the years.

You can find similar starter packs for franchises ranging from Yu-Gi-Oh! to One Piece, but TCG’s are far from limited to anime titles. In 2023, Disney launched their own trading card game Locarna as part of their 100th anniversary celebrations, which may be the quintessential purchase for kidults.

In Locarna, you play as an illumineer, wielding magic in your quest to score 20 “lore” points – and to do that, you create spells using card combinations of iconic Disney characters, items, locations and even songs. It’s designed for all ages, but has proven especially popular with the demographic of adults who grew up obsessively watching the House of Mouse’s most beloved movies; if you think TCG’s are too complicated for you to understand, then this is the game that will help you get your head around the complex rules.

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Board Games


Every home has a dedicated board game shelf, but in recent years, kidults have aimed to branch out and try more than just Snakes and Ladders. More complex table-top games are growing in popularity, whilst classic board games have found a new lease of life thanks to various pop culture makeovers.

At Zavvi, that means everything from exclusive sets – ranging from E.T Monopoly to Dragon Ball Z Cluedo – that you won’t find anywhere else, in addition to other unique twists like Batman Trivial Pursuit and Peaky Blinders Risk. If there’s a film or TV series you’re obsessive about, chances are it has already been refashioned into one of the most enduring board games around.

There are also plenty of original titles too, which aim to cater for both newcomers and experts in table-top challenges. If you have always been daunted by Dungeons & Dragons, for example, a new spin on the classic franchise like The Yawning Portal is the perfect entry point; a challenge perfectly calibrated for seasoned fans and as an introduction for new ones.

Another great entry point into this world can be via the number of original games spun out of previously established franchises from the worlds of film, TV and gaming. Table-top challenges inspired by Metal Gear Solid, Star Wars and Indiana Jones all offer newcomers a taste of board gaming in ways that challenge, whilst being easy to digest.

Of course, whilst we’re the home of pop culture, not all of our board games are franchise spin-offs and tie-ins. Currently available for pre-order, we have multi-purpose table top games such as Wyrmspan, which has different rules for multi-player and solo play, with its more complex mythology perfect for those who want to delve deeper into the world of strategy games.

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Action Figures and Collectables

Handmade by Robots

Pop culture fanatics have long known that toys and action figures aren’t just for kids, but that message has now been accepted far and wide, with several different manufacturers specialising in figures, statues, replicas and more for adult franchise fans.

Brought to life with a keen attention-to-detail, companies like Hasbro, Hot Toys, Mighty Jaxx and Eaglemoss – alongside several others – have become renowned in the collector community for their replica figures, which range from miniature pop vinyls to larger limited-edition figures for die hard stans. From comic book characters to anime heroes, the continued popularity of collectables has ensured a wider array of figures, to please each passionate fanbase.

As for pop vinyls, several different manufacturers have put their own unique spin on the classic bobblehead toy. Handmade By Robots make knitted vinyl figures of iconic characters, with a keen focus on terrifying horror villains, and Hot Toys create baby-faced pops of famous heroes, to name just two of the companies carving out their own niche in this ever-growing market.

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LEGO has never been just for kids, with the company’s mission statement long being to unleash creativity in aspiring builders of all ages. However, the range of intensive sets exclusively for adult builders looking for a new challenge has rapidly grown in recent years.

Many think that the only adult-friendly sets are the Technic range – expansive replicas of racecars and other vehicles, replicated with an incredible attention to detail – and the Architecture line, which brings to life cityscapes from around the world.

However, pop culture fanatics will know that adult-friendly sets are far from limited to these ranges, with everything from replicas of Star Wars battleships to the helmets of Marvel heroes catering exclusively to grown-ups looking for a new building project.

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