Top Ten Advent Calendars For 2021 – Gift Guide

The countdown to Christmas has already begun – and what better way to kick the season off than with an advent calendar?

But forget about chocolate, as we have nerdier treats for you. Some of the biggest franchises in film, TV and video games have released their own special calendars, with fantastic gifts every day on the lead up to the 25th.

Here are ten of our favourites, which would make a perfect gift for family and friends.

  1. Pokémon Advent Calendar
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    Pokémon Advent Calendar

    You’ve gotta catch ’em all… all the Christmas presents that is!

    This Pokémon advent calendar has some excellent gifts hiding behind each door, with 16 two-inch figures (including an adorable festive Pikachu) and eight themed accessories to be found.

    Each of the figures has been coated in a special shiny finish to mark the occasion too.

    The perfect countdown to Christmas for the Poké-fan in your life.

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  2. LEGO Harry Potter: Advent Calendar 2021
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    LEGO Harry Potter: Advent Calendar 2021

    LEGO advent calendars are great fun – who doesn’t want to be able to build their own present every day?

    This year, there’s a special Harry Potter LEGO calendar, which features mini-figures of beloved characters, and buildable models of iconic locations such as Gringotts’ vaults.

    Once all of the buildable play experiences have been completed, you can play out Harry’s journey from Privet Drive to Hogwarts.

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  3. Minecraft Advent Calendar Cube
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    Minecraft Advent Calendar Cube

    There’s a whopping total of 54 gifts hiding behind the 24 doors of this Minecraft advent calendar cube.

    These include accessories to customise your gadgets with, 17 ‘backpack buddies’, and a four inch figure of a mystery character behind the final door.

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  4. Playmobil Back To The Future Advent Calendar
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    Playmobil Back To The Future Advent Calendar

    Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Just Christmas gifts.

    Build out a replica of several iconic scenes from the 1985 classic with this fantastic Playmobil set.

    It features characters in both their fifties and eighties outfits, as well as a diorama of the town hall with the clock tower.

    It’s the perfect gift for fans of the classic movie.

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  5. Friends Advent Calendar
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    Friends Advent Calendar

    So no one told you Christmas was gonna be this way.

    This 24 door, Central Perk-themed advent calendar features an exciting piece of Friends memorabilia each day.

    This includes a range of stationary, accessories, and a trivia quiz for you and your friends to take part in.

    There is also a bonus “do not disturb – I’m watching Friends” door hanger.

    We’ll be there for it.

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  6. Harry Potter Advent Calendar
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    Harry Potter Advent Calendar

    And yes, Harry Potter fans are spoiled for choice this year, with a third fantastic advent calendar to choose from.

    This officially licenced product features a range of memorabilia, including playing cards, gadgets and stationary, including a pen designed like Harry’s own wand from the movies.

    And the fun won’t end at Christmas, with the calendar turning into a door hanger when reversed.

    Christmas really isn’t just for muggles.

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  7. Friends Sock Advent Calendar
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    Friends Sock Advent Calendar

    Christmas is the time of year where your family members will be rushing to buy you socks. This year, however, you may need to ask them to get something else.

    This Friends sock advent calendar offers seven pairs of trainer socks and five full length socks over a period of 12 days.

    The unisex, one-size socks are the perfect way to celebrate the cast of the sitcom reuniting earlier this year.

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