Available to Pre-order | New BB-8 Special Edition Droid & Force Band

For 39 years, no droid came close to the beloved R2-D2. His charm, humour and companionship made him everybody’s favorite droid. Nevertheless, since the J.J. Abrams franchise reboot, the induction of the BB-8 character quickly changed things. It’s okay to have two favourites, right? From a galaxy far far away comes two new state-of-the art products by the roboteers at Sphero. As of today, you’re able to pre-order the latest special edition version of the BB-8 App-Enabled Droid as well as the never before seen Star Wars Force Band accessory.

The new BB-8 droid  has all the technical features of the classic toy: the authentic movement, listen and response capability, holographic communication and the autonomous behavior trait. So…what’s different?

What’s Different About This Special Edition B-8 App-Enabled Droid?

The new BB-8 has a completely different look a feel; boasting more authenticity than the previous model reflecting a  ‘rustic’ and ‘worn’ look. The version more honestly reflects the somewhat harsh reality of life on the planet Jakku – the desert planet located in the western reaches of the galaxy. The planet Jakku is often regarded as a place little stature amid the Galaxy, however, the vital events and discoveries in which things occur allows the small planet, as well as B-8, to become vital parts of the Star Wars story  – and in turn, galactic history.

What is the Star Wars Force Band?

Designed with a classic Star Wars aesthetic, the Star Wars Force Band will change the way your command your droids forever – it truly brings the force into everyday reality. It’s a futuristic Bluetooth enabled remote which has endless possibilities and five major control settings:

  • Droid Control Mode: You’re able to push, pull and control the BB-8 using the force!
  • Force Training Mode: Using Jedi Knight powers, the Force Band allows you to train your droid to increase its loyalty.
  • Combat Training Mode: Channel your inner force, and explore your own imagination like you’ve never done before.
  • Force Awareness Mode: This setting allows you you discover digital holocrons, you’re able to store the data in your mobile app.
  • Robot Control Mode: Don’t just stop training and controlling BB-8, the Force Band will allow you to control other future releases….

Will the Star Wars Force Band Work With My Existing BB-8 or Sphero Toy?

The Force Band is compatible with the original BB-8 App-Enabled Droid, you’re also able to connect it with other Sphero robots powered by Bluetooth SMART.

Experience planet Jakku for yourself and pre-order these products below. Can you resist the resistance?
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