Aliens at 30: Press Event & SteelBook Launch


July 18th of this year marked 30 years since the release of James Cameron’s Aliens title – often regarded as the greatest sequel of all time. Since the Alien franchise was born, we’ve been invaded with four films and one prequel. In 2017, we’ll also see the release of the second installment from the prequel series named Alien: Covenant crafted by original Alien director Ridley Scott. To mark the occasion Alien and Aliens fans are in for a treat. Expect big news, announcements and  secrets to be exposed this weekend at Comic-Con, San Diego. Comic-Con will host a live Q&A with the filmmakers and the cast of Aliens – including  mastermind James Cameron himself. Cameron stated…

It will be fun. Get the usual suspects back together. You know, it’s interesting. I don’t normally pursue these kind of nostalgia moments like we’re going to do down at Comic-Con, and I didn’t do it much at all for Terminator on its 30th, but there’s something about Aliens. It was a milestone for myself and Gale because the film got seven Academy Award nominations.

James Cameron


Don’t worry, if you’re not able to hitch a last minute flight to California to watch the press event, the showcase will be streamed on YouTube’s Mobile Stream. Google’s answer to Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live. The conference will take place Saturday 23rd July. Have any burning questions for the panel? There’s even at chance you’ll get your own question answered; you can submit your own questions to Fox Studios by commenting on the YouTube video posted above.

To mark the anniversary, and to tie-in with the momentous Comic-Con event, Zavvi have teamed up with 21st Century Fox to release an exclusive, limited edition, 30th Anniversary Aliens SteelBook Blu-ray.nThe SteelBook will contain both the theatrical and special edition versions of the film as well including an audio commentary as well as other special features. The SteelBook will also come packaged with a set of collectible cards. It’s the sequel that started it all, check out the exclusive Steelbook below…