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Must See TV Show: Breaking Bad


Season One

Meet Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher living in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife Skyler and son Walt Jr., who suffers from cerebral palsy. On his 50th birthday, Walter finds out he has inoperable lung cancer, and is too cash-strapped to leave anything behind for his family. Wish his wife expecting a daughter, Walt decides to team up with his old chemistry student and current meth head Jesse (Aaron Paul), in order to open up a meth lab so he can sort out his dismal financial situation.

Season Two

Walt’s life feels as if it’s almost spinning out of control as he and Jesse’s business starts to make them rich, thanks to Walt’s chemistry skills and their signature blue meth. The pair feel well in over their heads, as Walt struggles to keep their meth business a secret from his wife, son, and DEA agent brother-in-law Hank, he also finds himself having to deal with overly aggressive enemy drug dealers, all whilst dying from lung cancer.

Season Three

Despite his cancer being in remission, Walt’s life is still in disarray. His wife has filed for divorce, his DEA agent brother-in-law is closing in on him in his hunt for the maker of the blue meth, and the Mexican cartel want him dead. Despite it ruining his life so far, Walt knows that his meth business is the only thing can save his and his family’s lives right now.

Season Four

Tensions are high between Walt and Jesse, as the ruthless kingpin who runs their operation succeeds in his attempts to divide them. Walt’s wife and brother-in-law consistently make Walt’s personal life difficult to handle, and lie upon lie gets spun in his tangled mess of excuses and alibis. One of the most tense seasons of Breaking Bad, stay tuned till the end for a season finale you’ll never see coming…

Season Five

Following on from Season Four’s explosive season finale, Walt is in a position to run things the way he wants, with the assistance of Jesse and Mike. Walt’s transformation from mild mannered high school chemistry teacher to dangerous drug lord is almost complete, with new highs and new lows around every meth-laden corner. Chart Walt’s rise in the drug world as his brother-in-law starts up the hunt for his alter ego once more.


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