Movie Cops: 22 Facts You Didn’t Know

Take down all the facts and then survey the evidence, you might learn a few things from our cop based trivia...

#1 When in costume for Hot Fuzz, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg often were assumed to be police officers. Many strangers asked them for directions and instead of telling the truth they went along with it. They claimed it made them feel powerful.


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#2 The production of Silence of the Lambs received full co-operation from the FBI as they saw it as a potential recruiting tool to hire more female agents.

#3 Judge Dredd ages in real time; if a year passes in real life, a year passes in the comic strip also. Despite his rugged exterior, Judge Dredd is now well over 70 years old.

#4 The original Robocop suit could take up to 11 hours to put on and Paul Weller had to constantly take breaks near an air cooling system to keep him cool whilst filming.

#5 According to an interview with Jerry Zucker, David Zucker and Jim Abrahams, Leslie Nielsen was their second choice for Frank Drebin, (Police Squad!/The Naked Gun.) The original choice was Robert Stack, but he turned it down.

#6 In Super Troopers (2001) the evil local police chief is played by Daniel von Bargen, who played a SWAT communicator in The Silence of the Lambs (1991). The Highway Patrol’s Capt. John O’Hagen was played by Brian Cox, who played Dr. Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter (1986).

#7 In various Batman comics Batgirl is Barbara Gordon; the (adopted) daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon.

#8 Judge Dredd’s appearance under his helmet remains a mystery. There have been flashbacks showing a young Dredd without his helmet, but his face hasn’t been seen in current times.

Image Source: Hollywood Pictures

Image Source: Hollywood Pictures

#9 In the In the Italian version of The Simpsons, Chief Wiggum speaks with a Neapolitan accent, and his last name was changed to ‘Winchester’ for unknown reasons.

#10 Clint Eastwood performed all his own stunts in Dirty Harry, including the stunt where he jumps onto the roof of the hijacked school bus from a bridge. His face is clearly visible throughout the shot.

#11 Because of how difficult movement was in the Robocop suit, Paul Weller only wore the top half of it in driving scenes.

#12 As Hot Fuzz this is the second part of the unofficial ‘Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy’, the blue wrapper makes its appearance in the film. Nick and Danny are seen eating vanilla flavour ice-cream. According to Edgar Wright, blue represents the police, which is the main motif in the film. For Wright’s other films, Shaun of The Dead, it was red / strawberry flavor, representing blood and zombies while the final part, The World’s End, it was green / peppermint with chip representing science fiction and extra-terrestrial elements.

#13 Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright interviewed many real police officers while doing research for Hot Fuzz. Many lines in the film such as “I prefer to think my office is out on the street” came directly from those interviews.

#14 Screenwriter Edward Neumeier says he got the idea for RoboCop from working on the set of Blade Runner. It was about a cop hunting robots, which made Neumeier think of reversing it to make a robot cop hunting humans.


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#15 Judge Dredd is known for his strict adherence to the law of Mega-City One, but he has resigned his post on several occasions when presented with perceived flaws in the Justice Department’s policy.

#16 Nick Frost got so attached to his Winchester shotgun during the filming of Hot Fuzz he named it “Emma”. Simon Pegg also became attached to his Mossberg shotgun and named it “Sarah”.

#17 Lethal Weapon was the first movie to feature a mobile phone.

#18 Dirty Harry was banned in Finland for a whole year after its release, supposedly due to the way it glamorizes police work.

#19 The studio for the original Robocop movie was worried real-life cops would object to the brutality in the film, however test screenings saw rounds of applause and cheering by police officers.

#20 Judge Dredd’s first name is Joseph.

#21 Although Frances McDormand’s character, Marge Gunderson, in Fargo is the film’s central role, she does not appear on the screen until over 33 minutes into the film.

#22 Dirty Harry’s most famous line is often misquoted. A lot of people mistakenly quote the line as “Do you feel lucky, punk?”, while the actual line is “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

Image Source: Warner Bros.

Image Source: Warner Bros.

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