James Cameron Says Thanos Was Right

Avatar: The Way Of Water beat every superhero movie at the box office last year – and for its director, the fight against Marvel’s heroes just reached a new level.

In a recent interview with Time, blockbuster titan James Cameron revealed that he sided with Thanos, the MCU supervillain played by Josh Brolin, who caused chaos by wiping out half of the universe’s living beings in a period dubbed ‘The Blip’.

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However, his love of Thanos isn’t due to Cameron wanting box office dominance over the comic book clan, but because of his deep-rooted environmentalist beliefs.

The filmmaker explained: “I can relate to Thanos, I thought he had a pretty viable answer. The problem is nobody is going to put up their hand to volunteer to be the half that has to go.”

Cameron was talking to the publication following the mammoth box office success of the recent Avatar sequel, which has grossed $2.2 billion and counting, discussing how its environmentalist themes have struck a chord with audiences across the globe.

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However, aside from siding with Thanos, the director didn’t have many kind words to say about the MCU as a whole, criticising their special effects in comparison to his $350 million-budgeted smash hit.

He continued: “WETA Effects, as it’s called now, is the best. Industrial Light And Magic does great work, but when it comes to the kind of emotive facial stuff that we’re doing… Thanos? Come on, give me a break.

“You saw Avatar: The Way of Water. It’s not even close.”

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