New Matrix Reboot Movie In The Works

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new Matrix reboot is going to be coming to our screens soon. Written by Zak Penn, who has previously worked on high-profile projects such as The Incredible Hulk, X-Men: The Last Stand and most recently writing Ready Player One. It’s unclear how this reboot is going to pan out for diehard fans of The Matrix.

In the role of Neo, it’s rumoured that Michael B. Jordan will be playing the iconic character. At the moment, details are incredibly scarce, with the project still being in its earliest stages. The iconic cast of the original Matrix movies featured Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving(s). The original Matrix movies were seminal works for CGI-Based action. With sequels Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions leaning in more on the technical aspects of the film. Check out the trailer for The Matrix below.

To say that The Matrix is iconic would be an understatement, its look and feel defined the style of the early-2000’s. From flip-phones to long leather trench coats, rebooting a project like The Matrix would be as much a gamble as it would be lucrative. With the original only being a series of 3 movies, it’s possible that this reboot could spin into another cinematic universe.

With its cyberpunk themes and nods to classic mythology, The Matrix will certainly be fertile ground for anyone wanting to build upon the iconic series. The new Matrix might be a little different. We might see technology and the way characters interact change, as well as their outfits. While the long leather coats might be iconic, they do look a bit dated, 18 years later.

The New Matrix isn’t the first project to spin off of the legendary sci-fi movie. We also saw adaptations set in the same world like The Animatrix, and it’s possible that we are going to see something similar. This is a very early project, so it’s unlikely that we’re going to see the new Matrix movie on our screens anytime soon, but our curiosity has definitely been piqued.

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