Smile 2 Is Officially In The Works

Here’s some news to make you Smile: a sequel to last year’s breakthrough horror hit has been officially announced.

The film’s writer/director Parker Finn has just signed a deal with Paramount Pictures to make horror movies exclusively for the studio – and as The Hollywood Reporter points out, one of the top priorities is a sequel to Smile, although it’s not clear whether that’ll be Finn’s next project.

Paramount Pictures

This isn’t a surprise, considering that movie made a whopping $216 million worldwide off the back of a $17 million budget. It was a fantastic result for a film that was initially intended to premiere on a streaming service.

When previously asked by THR about plans for a sequel, which would likely pick up where the last one left off therefore focusing on Kyle Gallner’s Joel, Finn said: “I do think that there is still a lot of interesting stuff to explore in the world of Smile.

“There certainly are stones that I left unturned by design. And then there are other things that I, at one point or another, wanted to put in the movie, but they didn’t end up in the movie for whatever reason.

Paramount Pictures

“So, those things are still exciting to me, but if there’s more to be done with Smile, I would never want to just repeat myself or retread the same ground. I’d want to make sure that there’s a new, exciting, fresh way into it that the audience isn’t anticipating.

“I also want to find some new ways to scare them and unnerve them. But as far as how it may connect to the first one, if we were to do it, I’d want that to be surprising as well.”

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