Spider-Man’s Venom Movie Coming in 2018

According to Den Of Geek, it seems that Spider-Man’s nemesis will be getting his own standalone movie coming next year. With Spider-man coming to our screens this year with Sony & Marvel’s collaboration on Spider-Man: Homecoming, which releases on the 7th of July this year. It is currently unclear whether or not this upcoming Venom movie will be a part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, with the project currently sitting in early stages of development.

A Venom movie was in development after the release of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. However, plans for that were scrapped after Marvel and Sony settled on their collaboration. Alex Kurtzman was slated to direct the movie. However, this seems to have been slated after producing ‘The Mummy’ reboot and becoming the showrunner taking over on Star Trek: Discovery after the departure of Bryan Fuller. Currently, Kurtzman is not attached to the project, and with Star Trek on the horizon, it’s unlikely that we’ll see him return to direct this spinoff of Marvel’s iconic web-slinger.

When is the Venom Movie coming out?

The Venom Movie will be releasing on October 5th, 2018. Currently, the film has not been cast, it is expected that the film will be shot this year and gain a director for the project.

The Venom standalone film is an interesting opportunity, as it opens up the doors for other Spider-Man spinoffs such as Carnage to finally be explored on film. It would be great to see these characters explored in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, though due to the rights of these characters belonging to Sony, it’s possible that we won’t see Spider-Man at all in this standalone feature. It’s great to know that Venom will have another chance on our screens after Spider-Man 3, and deserves the limelight of a movie all to itself.

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