EA Play: 2016

EA:Play 2016 took place in London and LA this Sunday and kicked off the start of this year’s gaming announcements in style. If you’ve got a spare few hours, you can re-watch the live stream here:

…if not? Don’t worry, here’s a recap…

News of Titanfall 2 broke the deadlock – we discovered that the game will feature a much desired single-player campaign mode. Titanfall 2 is scheduled for release October 28th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The next major announcement was Mass Effect: Andromeda, with EA promising more customisation and freedom. The new worlds and advanced in-game technology promise to take you back to the Andromeda Galaxy with stunning new visuals. We weren’t able to catch a full game-play trailer, but we witnessed enough teaser footage to get us well and truly excited.

As expected, FIFA 17 caused a huge stir. FIFA will finally support managers’ ‘real’ faces so expect to see the likes of Wenger, Mourinho and Klopp commanding the side-lines this September.

The new FIFA will also feature a new story mode titled ‘The Journey’.

Next up, from a Galaxy far far away, came the news we all wanted to hear. A new Battlefront game. This will feature the new characters from the J.J Abrams movie – The Force Awakens. Again, no full trailer showcased however, we did get another sneak peak of the early gaming footage.

Last, but not least, came Battlefield 1. This installment will feature improved landscapes whilst introducing dynamic weather. A new range of vehicles including airships and trains will also be present this time round. Battlefield 1 is due to release October 2017.

Along with gaming announcements, EA announced a new charitable outreach – ‘EA Play to Give’. Additionally, EA will further fund ‘EA Originals’ after the success of Unravel – the newly funded independent is called ‘Fe’.

It’s great to see EA’s continued support for independent titles and charities.

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