Watch the Live Stream: PlayStation Meeting 2016

Watch the Breaking News Live from New York City…

Apple aren’t the only tech giants making major announcements and revealing new products today. Sony are holding a press conference in New York in which a line of new PlayStation consoles are rumored to be announced.  Sony’s official statement claims the event will simply ‘share details about the PlayStation business’ however, at Sony’s last press event of this kind (back in 2013), the PlayStaion 4 console was revealed. There’s also speculation that a new handheld device and additional VR news could also be showcased. Whatever happens, we’re in for an exciting evening.

Ensure you’re one of the first to hear all the latest news from the world of Sony PlayStation. Watch the stream below – live from the PlayStaion Theatre in Times Square. The action kicks off at the following times…

  • 8PM UK
  • 2PM Pacific
  • 3PM Eastern
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