M3GAN Ending Explained – How Does It Set Up A Sequel?

The following article contains spoilers for M3GAN – you have been warned!

She served. She slayed. She ate and she left no crumbs.

These are just some of the things audiences agree on about M3GAN, the first bona fide horror icon of the 2020s. But of course, we knew this already – ever since the trailer became a viral sensation, Universal have been quietly developing a return outing for our favourite murder robot.

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In a recent interview with Zavvi, star Allison Williams teased that the ending of the film left plenty of “breadcrumbs” for M3GAN’s return, while elsewhere producer James Wan has hinted at a wider cinematic universe that this film is just the start of.

But how does the finale of M3GAN set up a potential sequel? Brace yourselves for spoilers, as it’s time for us to unpack how it leaves the door open for M3GAN 2 (which we’re calling MEG4N until anybody tells us otherwise).

That Final Showdown

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During the film’s first act, Williams’ Gemma introduces niece Cady to Bruce, a gigantic prototype robot she built several years earlier.

It was an early take on the AI figure that would eventually become M3GAN, although this was controlled via fighting gloves and a microchip – not quite as high-tech, but impressive none the less.

In the final act, once M3GAN has finished her rampage at the launch event for Funki’s blockbuster new toy, she returns back to the family home in the hope of killing Gemma.

The pair fight, but just at the moment M3GAN looks to have the upper hand, Cady returns – and after being inseparable from her toy earlier, instead throws on the gloves to activate Bruce and tear her nuclear sister in half.

M3GAN’s computer chip is destroyed and her body lies in pieces, as Cady and Gemma leave with the police.

But that isn’t quite the end, as the film cuts to the credits after one final shot: a glimmer of light suddenly emanating from Gemma’s smart home device – has M3GAN already been reincarnated as an Alexa?

Let’s Rewind A Little

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As we know from a little earlier in the film, when M3GAN is duct-taped in the lab, her AI consciousness is able to connect to other devices.

This is how she’s able to call Gemma and mimic the voice of her colleagues saying everything’s fine, just before she heads off to quite literally slay.

With Wan referencing the idea of a broader “cinematic universe” when discussing the sequel, he’s likely alluding to the theory that when M3GAN does return, she won’t exactly look the same as before. This sets up two very juicy possibilities for where the next outing could go.

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After giving us the likes of Insidious and The Conjuring, Wan is no stranger to haunted house movies.

With M3GAN taking over all the devices in the family home, this could offer a campy modern twist to the genre, with a story that could effectively pick up right where this one left off, when the pair return home from the police station.

And with Wan also knowing a thing or two about creepy dolls – we’re looking at you, Annabelle – there’s every chance M3GAN could be resurrected in an even more ghastly body, as Gemma tries to get her creation right the second time.

But surely she wouldn’t be foolish enough to do that, right?

Either way, we can’t wait for mother M3GAN to serve on the big screen again.

M3GAN is in cinemas now.

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