M3GAN Sequel Sets 2025 Release Date, Allison Williams Returning

Prepare yourself for more chaos as the internet’s favourite killer robot will soon return to our screens to slay again.

After becoming a box office sensation already making $91 million against a budget of $12 million, studio Universal Pictures have announced that a sequel will release in cinemas on 17th January 2025.

According to a Variety report, screenwriter Akela Cooper will return to write the follow-up which is currently titled M3GAN 2.0.

Universal Pictures

Meanwhile stars Allison Williams (M3GAN’s creator Gemma) and Violet McGraw (her niece Cady) will reprise their roles.

A director has yet to be announced meaning it is currently unclear whether Gerard Johnstone, who helmed the original, will return.

Williams must be delighted with the news as she previously told Zavvi in an interview she would love to make another M3GAN movie.

Universal Pictures

She said: “There are some breadcrumbs at the end of the movie that indicate the world could continue, but audiences will have to watch M3GAN first and see if I survive to know if I’ll be a part of that!

“When you’re in the horror genre, it’s so heightened, you have many opportunities to keep the party going. I remember when making Get Out, I kept saying to Jordan [Peele] ‘is it possible that she’s only ambiguously dead?’

“He knew exactly what I was trying to do there – but in this case, a sequel is something we dream of.”

Universal Pictures

As Williams mentions above, there were some clues left during the final act that indicate where the story could go next.

A plot for M3GAN 2.0 has yet to be revealed of course, but we can’t wait to see her serve on the big screen again.

M3GAN is out now in cinemas.

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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


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