The Batman: Trailer Breakdown, Easter Eggs And Story Details

The clear highlight of last night’s DC FanDome event was the second trailer for upcoming movie The Batman, one which left us shaking with excitement.

Director Matt Reeves and co. had a tough job on their hands given last year’s first teaser blew audiences away. But it’s safe to say that the incredible second trailer more than delivers.

Check it out here:

Set during the second year of the age of Batman (Robert Pattinson), we follow our hero as he attempts to uncover the corruption in Gotham City, coming into confrontation with The Riddler (Paul Dano).

The star-studded cast also features Zoë Kravitz (Selina Kyle/Catwoman), Jeffrey Wright (Jim Gordon), Andy Serkis (Alfred Pennyworth) and an unrecognisable Colin Farrell (Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin).

All of whom we get a closer look at with the second teaser. Let’s break it down in full, scene by scene.

Riddle Me This…

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The trailer opens on a neon-lit diner, with a team of police officers, led by Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon, apprehending and arresting a lone man who is sat at the bar.

Even though we never see the man’s face, just a glimpse of his hair and glasses, it looks to be Paul Dano’s mysterious Riddler.

And even if by some chance it isn’t, we know this figure is connected to the villain in some way given that a lingering shot on his coffee reveals a calling card in the foam – a question mark.

“It’s A Warning”

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As Nirvana’s Something In The Way kicks in (the track was also used on the first trailer), the Bat-Signal lights up Gotham’s sky, with Wright’s Gordon standing by it waiting for the person who will answer the call.

This suggests then that although Bruce Wayne is only in his second year as Batman, he has already developed a working relationship with Gordon, and maybe the Gotham City Police Department too.

The Bat-Signal appears rather threatening, something aided by Robert Pattinson’s voiceover: “Fear is a tool. When that light hits the sky, it’s not just a call. It’s a warning.”


It’s The Batman

Warner Bros. Pictures

Then we get the shot we have all been waiting for, Pattinson in the Batman suit looking rather moody.

We are then treated to an extended version of the fight sequence that blew us away in the first trailer, as Batman takes on a group of thugs whose faces are painted white.

It’s rough, it’s raw and it’s driven by pure rage. The gang are scared of Batman and to be honest, they should be.


Warner Bros. Pictures

We then cut to a prison where Batman is visiting The Riddler, with the trailer once again not showing us Dano’s face.

However, we do hear him tell Bats “I’ve been trying to reach you”, something which doesn’t impress our caped crusader who yells back “what have you done”, punching the window.

Did The Riddler intend to be captured? What has he done that has made Batman so angry?

“A Powder Keg”

Warner Bros. Pictures

We don’t really know much about The Riddler’s plan, but it is implied it will have huge consequences for the city.

As an explosion goes off, Batman’s voiceover tells us: “This is a powder keg, and Riddler’s the match”.

Meet Catwoman

Warner Bros. Pictures

A montage then introduces us to Zoë Kravitz’s Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman, who tells Batman that she can “take care of herself”, something which looks to be true given we see her briefly kicking ass.

There’s some gorgeous shots here, including one of The Bat and The Cat on a rooftop together sharing a tender moment.

The Penguin

Warner Bros. Pictures

The first trailer shocked audiences by giving us a glimpse at an unrecognisable Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. The Penguin, and the second teaser has done the same with a better look at the actor in character.

Bathed in golden light, we get a proper look at the villain whose role in the film is still a mystery given that the Riddler appears to be the big bad.

A Worrisome Alfred

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As always in Batman movies, butler Alfred, here played by Andy Serkis, is concerned about Bruce’s wellbeing – well someone has to take care of our Bats!

Alfred tells our hero: “If this continues, it won’t be long until you have nothing left”.

Bruce clearly doesn’t give a damn though, replying with: “I don’t care what happens to me.” His raw anger is once again clear here.

World’s Greatest Detective

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We know already that The Batman will take the character back to his roots as a detective, something previous films haven’t explored in great depths.

This moment here teases this, with Bruce standing in the middle of a floor covered in writing and clues, seemingly trying to solve the Riddler’s mystery.

“The sins of my father” could be about something Bruce’s dad did, whilst “Mitchell” is likely a reference to Gotham City Mayor Don Mitchell (portrayed by Rupert Penry-Jones), with “Colson” referring to district attorney Gil Colson (played by Peter Sarsgaard).

We also see the words “no more lies” and “renewal is a lie” which could be clues left at crime scenes by the Riddler, as suggested by the first trailer.

Party Time

Warner Bros. Pictures

As Selina tells Batman “it’s only going to get worse for you”, we are treated to an action montage which shows the Dark Knight taking on some thugs at a party.

He comes face to face with The Penguin, with Farrell dressed in a tuxedo suggesting this moment might take place at The Iceberg Lounge, the character’s club in the comics.

As Batman kicks more ass we hear Cobblepot say “whoa, take it easy sweetheart” and “you’re everything they say ain’t ya”. He seems impressed!

Catwoman In Disguise

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During this sequence we also get to see Selina in action, arming herself with a gun suggesting she doesn’t follow the same rules as Batman.

We also see her move through a party wearing a wig, looking to be a woman on the mission. Does she have her own goals here?

“Not So Different”

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We are treated to another great shot of The Bat and The Cat together, with Selina telling Batman “maybe we’re not so different”, suggesting a strong bond between the two through shared experience.

She also asks “who are you under there” as she strokes Batman’s cowl. Well, he is a man of mystery after all.

Lights, Camera, Action

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Another action montage sequence follows, one which sees Catwoman leap off a roof, Batman burst through a building, and also take on some gunmen in a stunning scene that is lit up by flashes of light.

We know then we are in for a treat when it comes to the action scenes!

From this we also learn that Batman’s suit is bulletproof, which is a good thing given the sheer amount of shots he’s taking.

The icing on the cake though is that incredible line from the first trailer, “I’m vengeance”. It’s that good we don’t mind them using it again here.

The Batmobile

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Batman’s famous car has had a makeover for this movie looking like muscle speedster Bruce has customised himself.

Racing through the streets it looks incredible, but we already want to know what gadgets it has.

Batman vs. The Police

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An intriguing brief shot sees what looks like Batman being chased by Gotham police officers on the roof of a clocktower.

This could be a scene taken from a flashback of Bruce’s earlier days as Batman, or a hint at the complicated relationship between the Gotham City Police Department and Batman – something which has been a prevailing theme in other adaptations.

The Dirty Knight

Warner Bros. Pictures

We don’t really have much to say about this moment, but it looks cool so enjoy a muddied Batman!

Show Time

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It appears the Riddler loves to put on a show as we get a glimpse at one of his videos, seen via a news broadcast that is headlined “serial killer livestreams”.

Once again Dano’s face is covered by a mask and glasses, obscuring his appearance.

Is this livestream a message to Batman? A warning? A threat to the people of Gotham? Or all of the above?

Dead All Over

Warner Bros. Pictures

The Riddler tells us a riddle, “what’s black, and blue, and dead all over” with the answer clearly being The Batman given the accompanying scenes show our hero bruised and battered.

We also get another look at his raw and angry fighting style, viciously beating down a man with Catwoman looking on in shock.

The Suit

Warner Bros. Pictures

A lovely brief close-up lets us get a better look at Batman’s suit, which has clearly been homemade as we can see the stitches.

It’s a nice touch that marks this suit out as different to ones we have seen before, also telling us Bruce made this himself.

End With A Bang

Warner Bros. Pictures

The trailer ends with a bang as we see the Batmobile explode in a fiery crash, much to the amusement of The Penguin who is screaming with delight “I got you”.

Unfortunately for Oswald though that isn’t the case as the teaser concludes with the money shot, Batman walking away from the explosion with the fire burning behind him.

And to make that shot even cooler, it’s inverted as we are seeing it from The Penguin’s point of view who is now upside down in his car.

Just wow!

The Batman is scheduled to be released on 4th March 2022.

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