Loki Episode 4: Post-Credits Scene Breakdown

This article contains spoilers for Loki.

Episode four of hit show Loki marked a turning point for the series with plenty of twists and turns that have left us on tenterhooks.

Setting up events for the last two episodes, it was revealed that the Time-Keepers are actually androids, meaning there is somebody else pulling the strings.

And if that wasn’t enough of a cliffhanger, Ravonna Renslayer then vaporised Loki presumably killing him. Of course though he isn’t really dead (hello, this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) after all), as revealed in a teasing post-credits scene.

Let’s break it all down.

What Is The Post-Credits Scene?

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After being seemingly exterminated by Ravonna’s weapon (in a process they call ‘pruning’), we then join Loki as he wakes up on what seems to be a post-apocalyptic world judging from the destroyed city we can see in the background.

In fact, it could even be a version of New York, as one of the crumbling structures looks a lot like Avengers Tower, formerly known as Stark Tower.

As he awakens all disorientated, Loki questions: “Is this hell? Am I dead?” A mysterious voice replies: “Not yet, but you will be unless you come with us.”

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The camera then cuts to reveal who this mysterious voice is, and of course it is actor Richard E. Grant whose appearance in the show has long been anticipated.

Standing dressed rather dashingly in the original comic book outfit for Loki, Grant is joined by two other figures, with the trio presumably being other Loki variants.

Oh, and there’s also a crocodile sporting Loki horns too. Croki?!? It has a ring to it for sure!

Who Are These Other Lokis?

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The question is, who are these Loki variants?

Well, first up is Grant who is credited as ‘Classic Loki’ in the show, presumably a version of Old Loki from the comics, a character who debuted in the 1962 comic Journey Into Mystery #85 wearing the outfit Grant is sporting.

We then have ‘Kid Loki’ as listed in the credits, another comic book character taken from a more recent arc which saw Loki die and be reborn as a child.

In the comics’ storyline, Kid Loki had no memory of his past of evil deeds, and although he did get up to mischief, he didn’t really become malevolent until a ghost of his former self corrupted him.

Marvel Comics

The character on the left not wearing horns is far more mysterious. Credited as ‘Boastful Loki’, he is wielding what looks to be a version of Thor’s classic weapon Mjolnir.

Perhaps he is a version of Loki who managed to ascend to the throne of Asgard, replacing Thor and taking his weapon of choice? That would give Boastful Loki plenty to, erm, boast about.

As for Crocodile Loki, honestly, we haven’t a clue but we are here for him!

What Does This Mean For The Show?

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There’s a few things we can take away from this intriguing post-credits scene.

Firstly, it doesn’t seem as if one of the Loki variants is responsible for creating the rather dodgy TVA. Instead, it seems as if the Lokis will come together to fight the corrupt organisation. Lokis… assemble!

Secondly, if after being ‘pruned’ Loki ended up at this mysterious location, does this mean that other characters who were seemingly exterminated by the TVA’s weapons are also alive somewhere?

It certainly sets up the return of Owen Wilson’s Mobius (probably as Loki’s right-hand man) as well as others.

Marvel Studios

Thirdly, it appears that these variants are hiding out at an apocalyptic event, much like Sylvie was in the show. However, the difference here is the event has already happened, judging from the damaged city.

What is unclear is whether this is within the ‘Sacred Timeline’ or in an alterative timeline. And given that the TVA has been spouting nonsense all along, we don’t even know if there really is a ‘Sacred Timeline’ after all too.

Grant’s Loki does warn that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will be dead if he doesn’t come with them, suggesting they are unable to stick around this place for long.

The scene has left us with plenty of questions so bring on the final two episodes!

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