Who Are Dunk And Egg In Game Of Thrones?

The Game Of Thrones world is home to many an interesting character, several of whom you will recognise in an instant. But do you know who Dunk and Egg are?

Unless you’re an avid reader of fantasy who has dedicated lots of time to the works of author George R.R. Martin, you’d be forgiven for shaking your head in confusion. Dunk and Egg do not appear during the events of A Song Of Ice And Fire — or Game Of Thrones if you’re only familiar with the HBO TV series — and their names are scarcely mentioned.

This pairing is one of the most interesting in all of Westeros, however. To find out why, keep reading.

Who Is Dunk?

Ser Duncan the Tall

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Ser Duncan The Tall, nicknamed Dunk, is a legendary hedge knight of humble Flea Bottom origins, recognisable by his personal arms: a green shooting star above an elm tree at sunset. To nobody’s surprise, the character is of immense size and strength, standing over six and a half feet tall.

Though he is a grown man and a respected knight, he is seen as somewhat naïve. His honourable character and commitment to upholding the ideals of chivalry and knighthood are in direct contrast to the brutality of the world, which often punishes those who are unwilling to stretch the limits of their morality.

Who Is Egg?

Egg as a Squire

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Egg is a young boy who serves as Dunk’s squire. When the pair first meet, he appears a commoner, but it is later revealed that he is Aegon V Targaryen, a member of the royal family who will one day sit the Iron Throne as the king of Westeros.

Despite his age, Egg is an individual of great intelligence, wit, and knowledge of the realm. His journeys with Dunk forge a great bond between the two that persists into adulthood.

Where Do Dunk And Egg Appear?

Dunk on a Horse

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Dunk and Egg are the main characters in the Tales Of Dunk And Egg novellas, which are set in the same world as Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire series. These stories detail some of the exploits of the title characters, following their journey through the Seven Kingdoms.

There are mentions made to the characters throughout the main series, but they never appear in the flesh. There is a simple explanation for this: the Tales Of Dunk And Egg novellas are prequels, so both characters are long dead by the time the events of A Game Of Thrones begin, their presence limited to discussions of history.

How Many Dunk And Egg Books Are There?

Dunk Artwork

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As of the time of writing this piece, Martin has released a total of three novellas: The Hedge Knight (1998), The Sworn Sword (2003), and The Mystery Knight (2010). These can be read separately or as part of a larger collection titled A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms (2015), which features artwork by Gary Gianni, an illustrator who has also lent his talents to both the A Song Of Ice And Fire series and the prequel book Fire And Blood (2018).

Even though fans have not received another novella since 2010, it should be said that Martin intends — or, at the very least, intended — to write further stories focusing on the adventures of Dunk and Egg. Whether these will ever see fruition is anyone’s guess, but with The Winds Of Winter (the long-awaited next entry in A Song Of Ice And Fire) still in the works, we would caution against becoming too excited.

When Is The Tales Of Dunk And Egg Set?

The Sworn Sword

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The stories depicted in the Tales Of Dunk And Egg take place approximately 90 years before A Song Of Ice And Fire, with The Hedge Knight set in the year 209 AC (After The Conquest), The Sworn Sword in 211 AC, and The Mystery Knight in 212 AC.

Though most characters of this period aren’t alive when A Song Of Ice And Fire begins, fans will nonetheless recognise certain names, such as those belonging to the Great Houses of Westeros, like Stark and Baratheon.

At this time, Robert’s Rebellion (which led to Robert Baratheon being crowned as king) has yet to happen, so the Targaryen dynasty still holds its power. In fact, Ser Duncan The Tall becomes the Lord Commander of Aegon V’s Kingsguard.

Nevertheless, Westeros seldom knows peace, and Dunk and Egg’s adventures coincide with several major conflicts, the likes of which include the Blackfyre Rebellions and the Red Widow’s Rebellion.

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