Why Deadpool Was the ‘Hero’ that Marvel Needed


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To put it simply, Deadpool was the Marvel movie that we’d all been waiting for. It had attitude, aggression, humour and most of all – it was different. It was like no superhero we had ever seen. Marvel had long been making brilliant films, but refreshingly, Deadpool just didn’t seem fit the traditional superhero bracket. So, why are we so glad Ryan Reynolds ditched the C-grade rom-coms and finally played a role to be proud of?

Here’s why Reynold’s outrageous Deadpool was everything we’d been waiting for from the Marvel franchise…

Irreverence – Lack of Respect

If you’re not used to a film with lots of swearing, or you think that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, then this film might not be for you. Stay clear. Deadpool comics were known for their irreverent sense of humour, and the film is no different. Marvel features are typically jam-packed with jokes, but they’re so safe that even our Grandmas could enjoy them. Nonetheless, it’s fair to say that Deadpool doesn’t play it safe this time round – and what’s better than pushing the boundaries?

The Breaking the Fourth Wall

Staying true to its material source, Deadpool constantly ‘breaks’ the fourth wall with his combination of hilarious body language and crafty dialogue. To ‘break the fourth wall’ essentially means the Deadpool character is fully aware that he’s starring in a movie – constantly addressing the audience and letting them in on the jokes. As you can expect, this additional narrative perspective makes for uproarious viewing. Who doesn’t want to hear the inner thoughts of a superhero as they’re about to kick the ass of a villainous gang?


Image Source: Marvel/Fox

Extreme Violence

Deadpool himself says…

You’re probably thinking this is a superhero movie, but that guy in the suit just turned that other guy into a kebob

…that’s Kebab to me and you. Marvel films are renowned for being brilliant spectacles, but they’re critically noted for a distinct lack of real violence. It’s was clearly Fox’s intention to keep Deadpool separate from the usual mould – Deadpool being Marvel’s first R-Rated movie. To finally put a character as unpredictable, mentally unstable and funny as Deadpool onto the big screen was huge risk, yet a win for everyone– just prepare yourself to see a little blood.  And by little, we mean lots.

Deadpool is out now out on Blu-ray and DVD, enjoy the chaos. View the trailer below:

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