The Top 10 Best John Wick Kills

Over the course of three films, John Wick has killed a staggering 299 people.

With the fourth film in the Keanu Reeves action franchise about to hit our screens, which the star has promised will have a kill count that compares “very favourably” to past instalments, what better time to look back at some of the most creative murder methods he’s given us so far?

Whilst there are several epic scenes where he takes down multiple enemies at once, from the nightclub fight in John Wick to the underground battle in Chapter 2, we’re focusing on the best individual kills here.

10. The Car Roof (John Wick)


One of the simplest, most effective, and downright funniest deaths in the first film comes when Wick drives into a henchman. Not content with simply running him over, he then fires several bullets from the driver’s seat to the roof above, to make sure the job is well and truly done.

It’s one of the best sequences in the original film to highlight that, in addition to being excellent action thrillers, the John Wick movies are pitch-perfect dark comedies too.

9. Hall Of Mirrors (Chapter 2)


One of the simplest kills on the list, but also one of the most visually stunning, this shows just how impressive Wick’s aim is.

From the outside of a hall of mirrors, Wick manages to work out where the henchman is through reflection alone, knocking him down by smashing the glass directly behind him. It’s worth the seven years of bad luck.

8. Starting From Scratch (Chapter 3 – Parabellum)


The John Wick films like to nod to classic action movies and one of the best homages can be found in this tense throwback to The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

With assassins out to get him in close pursuit and no weapon to hand, Wick must assemble a gun from scratch as they climb the stairs and start shooting inside.

The heightened stakes of the scene don’t get to him, as he takes time to carefully put his weapon together – then turning, shooting one of his adversaries right between the eyes at the perfect moment.

7. Dragged Around (Chapter 2)


A gun doesn’t even need bullets in it for it to be a deadly weapon in the hands of Mr. Wick.

This beautifully realised moment of slapstick action sees a goon knocked out after being hit by a gun. But before Wick can finish the kill, several more guys come in with weapons, leading him to drag this lifeless body around as he dispatches them all one by one.

6. Gone To The Dogs (Chapter 3 – Parabellum)


John Wick began his rampage after his beloved dog, the last living connection to his wife, was killed in front of him. So, there’s something poetic about this sequence, in which he teams up with Halle Berry’s Sophia and her two German Shepherds.

All the movies are revenge stories, but there’s nothing sweeter (and not to mention more cathartic) than two bloodthirsty pooches going to war alongside John.

5. Horsing Around (Chapter 3 – Parabellum)


The dogs aren’t the only animals central to a fight sequence in the franchise’s third entry. As Wick attempts to escape the other assassins chasing that bounty on his head, he heads to a stable, where his bond with the animal kingdom is deepened further.

Wick manages to use a pair of horses to take down several henchmen via some swift kicks to the face. Bonus points come immediately afterwards, as he flees through the city on horseback, finding even more inventive ways to fight on his feet.

4. Motorcycle Sword Fight (Chapter 3 – Parabellum)


We are staying with the third film for this next entry, which depicted Wick’s swordsmanship for the first time.

And when it comes to showing off his blade skills, nothing is better than this motorcycle chase, where he cuts into two baddies in the lane opposite, slicing off an arm, sending it flying into the bike’s gears, causing a guy to fly off.

If only I could work this well under pressure…

3. Iosef (John Wick)


Played by Alfie Allen in the first movie, Iosef is a character who we are rooting to get killed throughout.

It may not be as inventive as any of the other sequences on this list, but it is by far the most emotionally powerful, as Wick attempts to get closure following the death of his loved ones.

Of course, as we know, closure doesn’t come easy when the entire criminal underworld is now baying for your blood.

2. The Pencil (Chapter 2)


Part of the in-universe mythology surrounding John Wick is that he once killed someone with a pencil. Naturally, Chapter 2 finally depicts this gruesome moment – and, in a masterstroke, does it incredibly casually in the midst of an insane subway fight scene, with hitmen (and in one case, a sumo wrestler) coming from every direction – an insane kill count that spans across eight minutes.

The fact he killed someone with a pencil may make him feared, but Wick is so cool, he doesn’t dwell on the ingeniousness of this attack.

1. The Library Fight (Chapter 3 – Parabellum)


Finally, we return to the third film, for a sequence that ups the ante on the franchise’s stationary based murders.

In New York Library, Wick is at a disadvantage against a heavy bad guy on his tail, so our hitman does the unthinkable: he picks up a book and uses it as a murder weapon.

Librarians across the world have been trying to do this to anybody they hear talking inside for years – so whatever you do kids, don’t ever think of talking in the library.

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