She-Hulk Episode 5: Hidden Easter Egg Introduces Big Name To The MCU

This article contains spoilers for episode five of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. You have been warned…

Daredevil’s long-awaited cameo in She-Hulk might be the worst kept secret in the history of the MCU.

This week’s episode of Marvel’s sitcom ended with a tease of Matt Murdock’s arrival in the series – suggesting that next week might finally be when we’re reintroduced to the best defence attorney in Hell’s Kitchen.

However, Daredevil wasn’t the only beloved Marvel character whose appearance was teased in this week’s episode…

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Eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted yet another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nod to a beloved figure who hasn’t yet made their MCU debut.

If you didn’t catch that Easter egg, here’s a quick breakdown.

Deadpool In The MCU?

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This week’s episode was the first in the series to not feature a mid-credits sequence, but fortunately the gorgeously animated courtroom sketch credits hid several teases within a single frame.

Following on from an earlier scene, where Pug (Josh Segarra) dragged Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) to find an elusive designer to make a stylish costume for Jen, we see the pair in the sketch image surrounded by dozens of superhero themed trainers.

Pug is a collector, with the credits showing that he finally picked up a pair of the “Iron Man Threes” he was eager to get his hands on.

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But it’s what is going on in the background that’s more interesting, with trainers inspired by several heroes not yet formally introduced into the MCU timeline – including the Merc With A Mouth himself, Deadpool.

We’ve known for ages that Deadpool will soon be introduced into the MCU, with Deadpool 3 currently in pre-production and Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige promising that it will be as R-rated as the previous films.

And yet, in the timeline for Phase Five and beyond unveiled at Comic-Con earlier this year, Deadpool 3 was nowhere to be seen.

20th Century Fox

For now, this is the most of Deadpool that we’re likely to see for some time, but at least it does reassure fans that he hasn’t been forgotten about.

The fact there’s also a design linked to Cable might even go as far to suggest that the previous two films can now be considered MCU canon.

And He’s Not The Only Hero…

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The Deadpool shoes may be the most striking, but he’s far from the only famous character teased in that frame, as fans were quick to point out.

For example, viewers spotted trainers inspired by the Fantastic Four‘s Thing as well as what appears to be designs linked to the Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom.

Could this be a hint that both villains will be appearing when Marvel’s first family join the MCU in Phase Six?

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We’ve already had several major teases of the X-Men in recent Marvel projects (including in an earlier episode of this series), but this doubles down, with cheeky nods to Wolverine, Gambit, and Cyclops.

To top this all off, there’s also a Ghost Rider pair. After last week’s episode cheekily debunked a fan theory about the character’s MCU introduction, that just feels like rubbing salt in the wound.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law airs every Thursday on Disney+.

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