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The Zavvi team arrived at MCM Expo Comic Con London bright and early yesterday to set up our stall, and from the very second we walked into The ExCel Convention Centre the sheer size of the operation we were taking part in was obvious. With so much to look at it’s tricky to know what you’re supposed to go and see, however, this also increases your chances for finding something you’ll love; (probably the point). So for this ‘Highlights of the day’ series, spanning Comic Con weekend, I’m going to share my daily favourites with you, and I hope that some of you will share your own highlights in the comments. (Never too early to start planning what to see at the next Comic Con you see.)

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Zavvi Final Fantasy Square Enix Stress Ball

Image credit: Square Enix Co Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Ever seen something so cute that you just wanted to squeeze it? Well now you can. These little guys are in fact stress balls in the shape of Final Fantasy icons – Moogle, Chocobo and Cactuar. Purchasing the full set from the Play Arts Kai stall, (to allow me to triple any future stress busting efforts), was the original goal, but at £10 a pop this may remain a fantasy. [/su_tab]

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Assassin's Creed Small 02

This guy. This. Guy. He almost stealth walked right past me. I’m not entirely sure which Assassin he was imitating with the fur additions to his outfit (someone help me out here?) but his retractable hidden blades made him a worthy Assassin in his own right.[/su_tab]

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CEX Stall edit

Of course the Zavvi stall is my true favourite stall of the day for Comic Con, but let’s commend the efforts of CEX for a moment. Conventions feel a lot like festivals, people coming together with shared interests to revel in an environment dedicated to them, and CEX’s stall simply took that parallel feel one step further. With colourful umbrellas, a giant inflatable shark, an ice cream van (no actual ice cream though I’m afraid), fake grass, a photo-booth and most importantly shelves of games and tech goods to browse at your leisure, CEX have got one of the friendliest feeling stalls around. [/su_tab]

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I didn’t think I’d be coming away from the Horns panel with Daniel Radcliffe a convert of the film but I truly did. Given the strangeness of horns being placed onto Radcliffe’s head for the film, I assumed the story would focus around some sort of jokey devil gimmick but it’s much darker than that, funnier than any gimmick would be too. The story revolves around Ig Perrish, and his actions in the aftermath of his girlfriend’s mysterious brutal murder. He wakes up one day to find horns growing on his head, and goes on to use the strange, supernatural powers that come with them to find out his girlfriend’s murderer. Radcliffe does fantasy so well, and said in the panel himself that he gets really into any dark roles because of what they allow him to achieve, and so Horns will undoubtedly be another five star performance from the actor. [/su_tab]


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