26 Animation Facts You Definitely Didn't Know

At Zavvi, we love all things animation. From Pixar and Dreamworks blockbusters, to late night fixes of Bob's Burgers - we've always got time for some animated magic. Animation captures the hearts of children and brings out the big kid in all adults. It provides a physical manifestation of the mind, a place where we're able to escape our human lives and enter worlds where boundaries are limitless. Check out our 26 animation facts below; you won't watch your old favourites in the same way again...

2016-08-18 09:04:00By Luke Roberts


Finding Dory: What Are the Critics Saying?

Pixar’s latest feature Finding Dory dove into US movie theatres this weekend, which seems rather unfair with the UK release date being an agonising five weeks away. Read what the critics had to say...

2016-06-20 12:30:44By Luke Roberts