Jar Jar Binks: The Greatest Character in Star Wars

Jar Jar

Editor’s Note: We’ve brought in a brand-new columnist: Dr.M, to analyse Jar Jar Binks, of the most iconic characters from Star Wars.

Jar Jar Binks is with a doubt the best character in anything. Ever. First appearing in what some have called “the Godfather of the modern-era”. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace introduces us to some of the most beloved concepts, characters and moments that the Star Wars franchise has to offer. From midichlorians to the fantastic dialogue, The Phantom Menace found a place in our hearts in 1999 and gave birth to our Gungan messiah, Jar Jar Binks.

I know what you’re thinking, “You’re right, Jar Jar Binks is the best”, and for that, I thank you, but I still want to explain why everyone agrees with us. One of the best things about our beloved Jar Jar is how relatable he is, I mean when was the last time you didn’t accidentally turn the tide in a massive battle on Naboo? Or have your tongue pulled out your mouth by Liam Neeson for trying to steal his food? Whether you like to admit it not, we all see a bit of ourselves in our beloved Gungan hero. However, Jar Jar has been subject to scrutiny, check out the video below for this interesting theory.

Throughout the years of recorded entertainment, whether it be books or films, it’s the dialogue and the language used which grabs our attention and makes us fall in love with a character. Jar Jar is no exception to this, up there with the greats like Virginia Woolf and Oscar Wilde, his character spouts wisdom and beauty in the form of his language and words. Perhaps one of the most notable examples is when he meets Padme, and asks “Whosa is yousa?”. There is hidden beauty behind this simple question, I see it as a philosophical query. What he is really saying is “Who are you? Who am I? What are our purposes in this galactic war?”.  Asking the same question the great philosophers of our world have asked for generations.

Jar Jar’s small quirks and mannerisms are what took him out of the screen and into our hearts, where he was no longer a character, but a brother, and above all, a friend.

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