Black Friday Weekend 2016 | Live Blog

It’s the day that signals the start of the winter madness, and the countdown to Christmas. It can only be Black Friday 2016. This year, discover the best Christmas gifts early right here on the Zavvi Blog (developing)…

09:07 – 28/11/2016

Zavvi Cyber Monday is now live!


17:40 – 25/11/2016

Snow White SteelBook now live!

16:30 – 25/11/2016

Check out this limited edition Yellow Submarine LEGO set. You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else!

15:52 – 25/11/2016

Rocketter SteelBook now live on site!

15:25 – 25/11/2016

SteelBook Update: The Rocketeer SteelBook will now go live from 4:00pm.

15:15 – 25/11/2016

Fans of Stanley Kubric, you won’t want to miss this…

8:35 – 25/11/2016

Our PS4 console bundle just got even cheaper; it also comes with with free next day delivery…

8:24 – 25/11/2016

Another Black Friday SteelBook has landed. Act fast before it’s too late.

8:00 – 25/11/2016

You won’t find FIFA 17 cheaper anywhere else…

7:25 – 25/11/2016

People are loving the Zavvi PS4 Bundle Deal!

7:20 – 25/11/2016

The first of the Black Friday Weekend SteelBooks is live on site now.

00:01 – 25/11/2016

Black Friday 2017 is now live!

16:19 – 24/11/2016

Things are developing nicely at Zavvi HQ…

Zavvi’s buyers are working incredibly hard to secure marketing leading prices on consoles and bundles for Black Friday this year. This year we should again have some very aggressive market leading consoles. In addition, being a multi-category retailer we’ll also have prices and deals over a huge range of other products (DVD, Blu-ray, games, tech, merchandise, gifts, toys, subscription boxes) so it’s a great shop to check out for a broad range of other Black Friday products

16:13 – 24/11/2016

Have you taken advantage of the midnight deals? It will be your last chance before the Cyber Weekend madness begins.

16:05 –  24/11/2016

The countdown is on, have you visited the Zavvi pre-awareness page? Check it out here.



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