WandaVision: All The Burning Questions Ahead Of The Finale

This article contains spoilers for WandaVision.

The finale of WandaVision is just around the corner airing tomorrow and to be honest, we aren’t ready to see it end.

It is set to be a thrilling climax though as episode eight left us with several cliffhangers and many burning questions the finale will address.

There is a lot to wrap up with just one episode to go, but this is Marvel we are talking about and they always achieve what seems to be impossible.

With all that said, let’s look at the biggest questions the series has left us with, the dangling plot threads the finale will look to tie up.

What does being the Scarlet Witch mean for Wanda?

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So Wanda is now the Scarlet Witch – finally! Whilst fans have always known Wanda is Scarlet Witch, this is the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) she has been referred to by this name which is indicative of her growing power.

It’s time then for Wanda to really unleash her full strength and complete her transformation, probably with a new superhero outfit which we got a glimpse at in the vision she saw whilst being experimented on by HYDRA in episode eight.

One curious thing is when Agatha talks about the Scarlet Witch she says she thought it was a “myth”, indicating that it is much more than a superhero alias.

Marvel Comics

It is therefore likely that Wanda now being the Scarlet Witch will mean something else too, in addition to the fact she is a powerful bad-ass, with the suggestion being she’s part of a larger legacy.

However, we are not sure what this will be and with Wanda only just starting her journey as the Scarlet Witch, it will probably be a while until we find out just what it means.

So what’s Agatha up to?

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Whilst we are aware that it has been Agatha all along pulling some strings to find out who exactly Wanda is, we still aren’t really sure what the future holds for the cackling witch.

Is she planning to manipulate Wanda to use that power for own her nefarious means? Does she perhaps want to steal Wanda’s power for herself?

The end of the last episode saw Agatha holding Wanda’s two children hostage suggesting that the two witches will face off against each other in a battle of magic.

Whilst that battle may end in Agatha’s death, it’s important to note that in the comics she has died many times only to come back later, so we reckon there will be more to come from Kathryn Hahn’s witch – especially considering how popular she has been with fans.

Marvel Comics

Also in the comics Agatha redeems herself becoming Wanda’s mentor, so perhaps the two will put their differences aside during battle in WandaVision, maybe to take on a greater threat such as white Vision?

Now Wanda has realised the full extent of her power she may need a guardian to help her understand it, someone who has great knowledge of all things magic.

Yes, Doctor Strange could also be a mentor but Agatha is a better fit and how fun would it be to see the mischievous witch embrace her less wicked side, much like what the MCU did with Loki.

What is the purpose of white Vision?

Marvel Studios

In episode eight’s post-credit scene it was revealed that S.W.O.R.D. and its acting director Hayward have had the body of Vision all along, reassembling him and bringing him back online.

The finale will surely show what the purpose of this white Vision is, but it seems clear that they have gone against his wishes, weaponising him to use for their own villainous means.

Hayward sure seems to be certain that Wanda is a threat, so he will probably send this new soulless version of Vision into Westview with the aim of destroying her.

And what will happen to Vision?

Marvel Studios

Which leaves us with the question what will happen to Vision, and here we are referring to the real Vision S.W.O.R.D. has brought back online and the one Wanda has magically created.

Whilst we would love Vision to survive, not only because he’s a great character but for Wanda’s sake, the finale will probably see the demise of both.

The one Wanda has created will probably battle S.W.O.R.D.s resulting in the death of both Visions. Not only is this the way logically the story will play out, but it also fits in well with the themes WandaVision has been tackling.

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The series has been all about Wanda’s grief and how she created the Hex out of it. It makes sense for the show therefore to end with her accepting the death of Vision, and so he must die – again. And to make it even worse, this time two Visions will die!

Whilst that of course will be heartbreaking, it will only make Wanda stronger which again fits in well with the story which is about her becoming the Scarlet Witch.

Just make sure you have tissues to hand!

Who is the cameo Paul Bettany has teased?

Marvel Studios

Actor Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, made headlines last month when he hinted that there was a huge cameo to come in WandaVision telling IndieWire: “I work with this actor that I’ve always wanted to work with and we have fireworks together”.

Speculation was rife as to who it could be with countless rumours being circulated online, but it turns out Bettany was just referring to himself as he plays the double role of white Vision and Wanda’s Vision.

Earlier today he confirmed the actor was indeed himself telling Good Morning America fans will “be so disappointed when they find out it’s me”.

Of course though another cameo, one not teased by Bettany, might be coming as there’s a good chance considering all the magical happenings Doctor Strange may make an appearance. Don’t hold your breath though!

Where’s Monica?

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The last time we saw Monica Rambeau was in episode seven when fake Pietro surprised her in a post-credits scene. Since we didn’t see her in episode eight, the question is where’s Monica?

Whilst we don’t know the full extent of Monica’s powers yet, we at least know that she has them, as does Monica herself so maybe she has been busy taking on fake Pietro.

It’s likely we will see in the finale what happened between the two, before Monica teams up with Wanda to take on white Vision (and potentially Agatha).

With Monica being the new superhero in town, we will definitely see a lot more of her in the MCU, especially with her confirmed appearance in the upcoming Captain Marvel 2.

What will happen to Wanda’s children?

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Although kids Billy and Tommy have a large role to play in the comics as Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed, considering they have been magically created by their mother Wanda within the Hex we don’t think we’ll see them again after the finale, which will likely result in their disappearance.

Once again with the show’s central themes being grief and trauma, it’s likely Wanda will have to come to accept that her children aren’t real and she can no longer continue to conjure them.

We also know that the Vision Wanda created can’t exist outside of the Hex, so the same will be true for Billy and Tommy too so once reality is resumed, the children and their father will be no more.

As we said earlier, get those tissues ready!

What’s the deal with the fake Pietro?

Marvel Studios

Whilst Evan Peters’ appearance as Pietro led to fans hoping WandaVision will see the introduction of the multiverse, it has been revealed he’s just a random guy from Westview Agatha is using to pose as Wanda’s dead brother.

Marvel just had fun with it by using Peters – clever, clever!

Maybe there is something more to it but to be honest we highly doubt it, and the finale will probably see Peters’ Westview resident return to normal when he is no longer under Agatha’s spell.

What will happen to the residents of Westview?

Marvel Studios

Talking of Westview residents, the finale will likely see things go back to normal in the town as Wanda brings down her Hex freeing them.

But whilst Westview itself may return to normality, the residents themselves may be forever changed. Spending time in the Hex can alter your cells due to all of the magic and cosmic radiation, with one result being superpowers as we saw with what happened to Monica.

Is this therefore a clever way for Marvel Studios to introduce mutants to the world of the MCU ahead of the introduction of the X-Men? Quite possibly.

How will WandaVision tie into Doctor Strange 2?

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios’ head honcho Kevin Feige has said several times now that WandaVision will directly tie to the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, so maybe there will be clues as to what this will mean in tomorrow’s final episode.

Considering Wanda is becoming the Scarlet Witch embracing all of her magic and powers, we reckon she will form a closer bond with the Sorceror Supreme which we will see in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.

Keep an eye out for a post-credits sting to tease what is to come as this is Marvel we are talking about, surely it will end with that.

WandaVision airs every Friday exclusively on Disney+.

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