5 Star Wars Legends Characters You’ve Never Heard Of

Star Wars Legends

We’re huge fans of the old Star Wars extended universe characters, who have since been taken out of the canon and renamed ‘Star Wars Legends’, but through the 40 years of history, through books, games, an infamous Christmas Special and more, Star Wars has had a huge amount of interesting characters pass through its huge universe, so we’ve decided to round up some of our favourite lesser-known characters from the Star Wars Universe.

Dash Rendar

Dash Rendar is basically an almost perfect person. This spunky smuggler became embroiled in galactic journeys, dealings with the empire and more. He was once ordered to save Han Solo, who he often felt the need to one-up, and even attempting to beat Han Solo’s legendary speed when completing the Kessel Run. This skilled pilot made sure to be both loyal and feirce- as long as he was getting paid, of course. Rendar has appeared in games, books and comics as a hugely popular, principal character in the Star Wars Extended universe canon, and is one of our favourite characters. While he was a pretty similar character to Han Solo, Rendar forged his own unique, memorable path.

Darth Revan

Revan is probably one of the most memorable characters in the Star Wars Extended Universe. After studying under many Jedi Masters, he became a hotshot young Jedi, who played a pivotal part in the Mandalorian Wars, when warring clans came to invade the Galactic Republic. He proved himself to be a capable military commander but started to become seduced by the dark side of the force. He didn’t renounce the Jedi order however, and continued to loyally serve a a Jedi Knight, with the odd curio of the Dark Side inside his mind, until he was sent to discover a Sith base, and became introduced to the emperor, who dominated his mind and turned him into a Dark Lord of the Sith. There’s a lot more to the incredible story of Revan, who is easily one of the greatest characters in all Star Wars mythology.

Jacen Solo

In the Star Wars Legends Universe, Jacen Solo was the son of Han and Leia, and not unlike Kylo Ren, he was seduced by the Dark Side of the force and soon became known as Darth Caedus. Jacen was a twin, and had a sister Jaina. But before all that, Jacen was pushed to balance himself on both sides of the force, and focus on creating a wider understanding of the force by his master, Luke Skywalker. Some time after this, he was seduced by the Dark Side. He died, after a duel with his twin sister Jaina. Could a similar fate befall Kylo Ren? Could Rey even be blood related to Ren? Only time will tell.

Kyle Katarn

Originally enlisted as a Stormtrooper, Kyle Katarn defected to the rebellion, and was later detected to have a strong connection to the force. Katarn is very much an archetypal hero, and remains to have a strong sense of justice, in addition to teaming up with Jaina Solo for missions, and soon becoming a Jedi aster himself. He’s definitely not a traditional Jedi, and instead prefers to wear normal clothing. He soon became one of the most proficient Jedis in the galaxy.

Chewbacca’s Wife (Malla)

Yeah, Chewie has a Wife, she’s named Malla and stars in the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special. However, as ever in the Star Wars Legendarium- she also has a deep backstory. But seriously, who knew that our little Chewie had a Wife? When did he ever mention this!!!

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