Hit Action Film Plane Officially Getting A Sequel Called Ship

Get ready to set sail as a sequel to hit action movie Plane is in the works, officially titled Ship.

That’s right, studio Lionsgate fully understood the assignment when it came to commissioning this follow-up – Ship is a fantastic title that is in the exact same chaotic spirit as Plane.

According to Variety, the original’s director Jean-François Richet is returning for the sequel as executive producer, with production due to start later this year.


A search is currently underway for writers and directors who will bring this nautical action film to life, which will see actor Mike Colter reprise his role of accused murderer Louis Gaspare.

Ship will pick up with Gaspare following the events of Plane, which ended with him disappearing into the jungle with a bag of cash that seemingly is enough money to get him off the island.

The plot synopsis of Ship confirms that he did manage to escape, commandeering a fishing boat, but Gaspare’s journey is far from over as he becomes the subject of an international manhunt.

In a plan to stay under the radar, he hides away on a cargo ship that is travelling from East Asia to South Africa, but Gaspare’s plan soon changes upon discovering that it’s being used as a ferry for human trafficking.

Teaming up with the crew’s second-mate who was unaware of the illegal activity onboard, as well as a passenger who is a military veteran, Gaspare embarks on a mission to take the criminal ring down.

It is unclear whether Butler will also return for the sequel, but we still can’t wait to see what Ship has in store for us.

Plane is out now in cinemas.

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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


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