Interview: Director And Co-Writer Kasi Lemmons On Harriet

Life stories don’t come more inspirational or extraordinary than Harriet Tubman’s. Escaping from slavery in the Deep South in 1849, she became one of America’s greatest heroines, helping to free hundreds more slaves through what was known as the Underground Railroad, and ultimately changing the course of history.

Her untold story comes to the big screen in Harriet, directed by Kasi Lemmons and featuring a towering performance from Cynthia Erivo in the title role. As we reported earlier in the year, she’s seen as a leading contender for the Best Actress Oscar.

Zavvi sat down with Lemmons, who also co-wrote the screenplay, to talk about the emotional experience of shooting the film on a real plantation, why Erivo was so right for the role, and the women directors who have inspired her.

Harriet will be released in UK cinemas 22nd November.

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