Top 5 Goriest Movies of All Time

When looking back at the horror genre of film, we’ve got a variety of styles, all the way from well-made psychological horror, found footage films and the odd schlocky jump-scare film. But what are the goriest movies ever made? You know, those films which make you cower behind the sofa and look on in odd delight. Gory films certainly have a certain schlock and gross-factor to them, but in this genre, even a film with a plot is too much. We’re looking at back-to-back disgust and the deep, dark corners of creative minds.

We don’t condone or even recommend watching some of these video nasties. You may find some of the images in this article disturbing.

1. Driller Killer

The Driller Killer was infamous for being on the UK’s ‘Video Nasties’ list- banned for its violent content. However, The Driller Killer is surprisingly comedic in its nature. Centered around the titular Driller Killer, our main character satisfies his urge to kill the dregs of society with a power drill. Years on, Driller Killer is now an iconic film, garnering much attention from cult film enthusiasts. A remake was originally planned in 2007. However, the project was halted indefinitely as the filmmakers could not obtain the rights to the original movie.

2. Ichi the Killer

Right from the start, Takashi Miike’s Ichi the Killer is a film that you’ll never forget once you start watching it. From its psychedelic visuals inspired by Brazil to the harsh, unrelenting violence. At times it can feel that Ichi the Killer isn’t just another film on one of these lists, but something of substance and quality that becomes more than just the sum of its parts. If you are able to look past its gore and tone, Ichi the Killer is an incredibly well-made film and kickstarted the career of one of the most prolific Japanese Directors.

3. Eraserhead

Everyone knows of David Lynch’s Eraserhead, boasting critical acclaim. However, Eraserhead is the story of a young man and soon to be parent, as he battles against his urges. Featuring the signature ‘David Lynch’ style with terrifying visuals and an unsettling score, Eraserhead might not be the goriest film on this list, but it is definitely the meatiest in terms of production design and narrative. This is definitely one to watch. That is if you’re able to stomach its unsettling visuals.

4. Grotesque

Grotesque is non-stop, with one and a half hours packed to the brim with torture. Lacking a simple plot, this film doesn’t even attempt to mask the fact that they’re going for overindulgent, bloodcurdling horror. The basic premise is that a privileged doctor has gotten everything he wants in life, driving his need for extreme and depraved torture. He captures and torments a happy, young couple to eventually giving up all hope of surviving this waking nightmare. The film uses gore, torture and all manner of bodily fluids in a way that leaves you feeling sick. This film isn’t attempting to aspire to anything more than 2 people being graphically mutilated, testing the limits of sadism in Film. Needless to say, Grotesque is banned in several countries. While our list isn’t in order, Grotesque just might be one of the Goriest Movies we’ve ever seen. Catch the trailer here.

5. A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film drew notoriety for providing a context wherein a man is conned into performing gradually more sickening acts in order to survive. The snuff genre is encapsulated with terrifying accuracy. Many viewers can’t even finish watching A Serbian Film, thanks to its ever-increasing pace wherein every act becomes more extreme. A Serbian film defines the extremities of gore with abhorrent, distasteful scenes created via clever usage of practical effects and CGI. You can watch the trailer here.

If these just aren’t enough, we also recommend the following:

  • À l’intérieur
  • Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom
  • A Short Film About Killing
  • Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh & Blood

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