What is 4K Ultra-High Definition?

Navigating the new high-resolution standard of 4K can be pretty confusing, so we’ve done all the technical research on what is 4K Ultra High Definition. In this, we try to answer all the common questions that many people have when it comes to this cutting-edge high-resolution standard. 4K Content is even more detailed than 1080p, which lets you bring this high-quality cinema standard home.

What’s the difference between 4K and 1080p?

1080p refers to how many vertical pixels there are onscreen, this is often referred to as ‘Full HD’ or ‘HD 1080p’ and was recently the most mainstream standard of high-definition content. To directly compare 1080p and 4K is a little confusing since 4k refers to the horizontal pixels onscreen. A direct comparison would be that it is 2160p. However, the wideness of the screen makes for more pixel density on your display, making the image even sharper than HD 1080p.

Is there a difference between 4K and UHD?

Simply put, there is indeed a slight difference between these two high-resolution content standards. UHD is the consumer configuration of high-resolution content. Coming in at 3840×2160, UHD is actually slightly lower resolution than true 4K content, which comes in at 4096×2160. Despite this, the UHD standard is still quadruple the resolution of 1080p.

What is 4K?

How Do I Watch Films in UHD?

To watch UHD Content, you might need slightly newer hardware. You’ll need a Blu-Ray player that is able to play these slightly different Blu-Rays, which have a higher storage capacity. Additionally, you must have a 4K TV to display the content, as a 1080p screen will simply not play the content. When you have both a 4K display and Blu-Ray Player, you’re ready to get started watching high-resolution content.

What can I watch in 4K?

4K Content is popping up more and more, with no signs of stopping. With many 4K TV’s also being Smart Televisions, you’re also able to stream content in addition to watching 4k content. YouTube has support for 4K content, so some channels will also have high-resolution content. In addition to this Netflix also has a 4K subscription, with some many of their newer ‘Netflix Originals’ being available to watch in 4K. Many modern films and documentaries are coming out in 4K, which is a boon to any of you looking for only the highest quality in your collection.

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