Tales of Berseria Guide: 5 Tips that will lead you to victory

With the release of the latest game in Bandai-Namco’s longrunning ‘Tales Of’ series, we take dig deep with this brief Tales of Berseria guide. Not sure how to progress or beat a super-hard boss? We’ve assembled this series of tips that are useful in any situation! These tips will help you get your head around all of this JRPG’s complex systems, ways to beat even the most difficult bosses and more. You play as the hardened Velvet, seeking vengeance upon Artorius for the untimely death of her brother.

Eat a Hearty Meal

A unique feature that the Tales Series has used all the way back to Tales of Symphonia is the use of Cooking as a means of replenishing health. You can discover new recipes along your journey. Making food at the end of a battle will restore your health, which can be incredibly useful if you find yourself in the middle of a dungeon, having run out of healing items (More on that one later!). You can get ingredients for cooking from item shops, so if you’re about to head out into battle, it’s important that you stock up to make sure you’re fully prepared for any particularly long dungeons.

Keep up with the latest fashion

While Velvet’s outfit might be somewhat provocative, you’re able to switch out each of your main party’s costumes for another. These not only change the look of the outfit in game but can also provide benefits to your character. Even something as little as a pair of glasses will be able to benefit your character. Different outfits will be unlocked as you play the game. However, it’s interesting to note that certain items can only be procured via the unlocking of the Katz chests that are scattered throughout the world.

Combo all day long

You’re able to switch between every character in Tales of Berseria, and while sometimes it can be a faff to have to manage them and all of their behaviors, it’s worth setting up movesets on each character via the use of auto or semi-auto control methods in order to set yourself up, should you be out of Life Bottles and cannot resurrect your main character. In addition to this, with your main character, it’s equally important to set up combo strings that are usable with different elements, on the ground, and in the air for airborne enemies. Make sure that you’re prepared for any situation, or else you could find yourself struggling down the line.

Tales of Berseria Guide
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Prepare yourself

Before you set out on a long road to a new area or dungeon, it’s definitely worth hitting up the local shops in the market near you. This can range from kitting yourself out with healing items like Apple Gel all the way to buying new weapons and armour all the way to preparing a meal to make after battles to ensure that your party is fully prepared for any situation. This Tales of Berseria guide won’t tell you how ot play or what items to get, as everyone’s style of play is different. But suffice to say, it’s pretty important that you’re in the best possible shape you can be before heading out on a long quest or journey where you don’t know when you’ll be back at a town or outpost.

Katz Crystals

When exploring the world in Tales of Berseria, you should have noticed the small gems floating around in the overworld. These are Katz Crystals which let you open special chests throughout the world. This is a slight departure from the services that the feline race has in the rest of the series, but these chests can prove to be invaluable in the event that you’re looking for one specific item or want all o the optional cosmetic items that are available to you in the game. As previously stated, these items can affect your character’s stats and also make your character look incredibly unique.

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