The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 – Everything We Know

Zelda will return in 2022.

Announced in 2019, the sequel to 2017’s The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is set to make its way to the Nintendo Switch this year.

It’s one of the most anticipated games for the console but so far, the studio are keeping details very close to their chests – including the sequel’s official name.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide on everything we know so far. This will be updated with the latest announcements when they come through.

When Can We Play Breath Of The Wild 2?


Nintendo are yet to announce much beyond the fact it’s coming at some point in 2022, something reconfirmed at last year’s E3. The studio are keeping quiet about the exact ETA.

Our only hint on the release date actually came from a December 2021 podcast where IGN boss Peer Schneider let slip that the game seems to be getting a November 2022 release.

Is There A Trailer?

A very vague teaser trailer debuted as part of Nintendo’s presentation at E3 in 2021, highlighting some of the gameplay and a more expansive world as we return to Hyrule.

However, one intriguing aspect is the sight of a splashed puddle reverting in time, the score to the trailer also sounding like it’s playing backwards. Is this going to factor into gameplay, and give us Zelda’s answer to Tenet?

It couldn’t have been more different from the first teaser, released back in 2019. That dialogue free sequence suggested a story more confined to the dungeons – with many fans believing one shot teased the return of Ganondorf to the universe.

What’s The Story Of Breath Of The Wild 2?


Nintendo love a mystery, which is why we’re going off guess work for this narrative. So let’s go back to that first trailer, where we see Link and Zelda riding a large beast in the dungeons, shocked by the resurrection of some creepy warrior.

This is immediately followed by a cut to Hyrule Castle, the sound of a tremor, and the building getting smothered with dust. Does this relate to the possible time travel theme? We’ll have to wait and see.



As with the storyline itself, when it comes to the gameplay, all we have are rumours.

The most recent teaser takes us further up to the skies, with shots of paragliding. But a bigger tease was unveiled in December 2021, when GameReactor found that Nintendo had taken out three patents for gameplay mechanics.

The first patent is “to perform a special action” while a character is falling, such as “shooting a predetermined object.” In that E3 trailer, we can see something in this vein around 25 seconds in.


The second patent is: “A designated object selected based on an operation input is caused to perform return movement to return to previously recorded positions and orientations, sequentially backward from the time of giving a start instruction based on the operation input.”

In layman’s terms, this suggests you can focus on an object and reverse its trajectory – an example being Link pushing back the spiky balls around 44 seconds into the trailer.


Last but not least, Nintendo have patented a scenario “in a virtual space including at least a player character and a terrain object” – which seems to refer to a player allowing their character to move through the terrain object above them.

Around 50 seconds into this trailer, we can see Link travel through a stone bridge and appear on top.

None of these patents or their implications on gameplay have been confirmed by Nintendo – but we have a few hints as to how they’ll work in practice.

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