Introducing The Pokémon Die-Cast Dusk Ball Replica

You can’t catch ’em all without a Poké Ball!

Pokémon fans will be overjoyed to hear that the latest die-cast Poké Ball replica from The Wand Company is now available to pre-order on site.

The Dusk Ball has an engineered metal shell and a deeply coloured surface that is sensitive to both touch and proximity.

The Wand Company

It also features a brightly illuminated button and lift-to-display presentation case.

When you open the case, multi-coloured lights will glow under the ball, which you can control by touching the metal plaque.

Designed for collectors, with a uniquely numbered hologram authenticating the ball, the case also features a polished stainless-steel ring so you can display it wherever you want.

The Wand Company

The replica is officially licenced by the Pokémon Company and is available for pre-order now.

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Alistair Ryder

Alistair Ryder


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