Resident Evil 7 Review Roundup: What the Critics are Saying

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is right around the corner, and critics have had their hands all over it. Resident Evil 7 marks a return back to the series’ roots, without the zanyness of Resident Evil 6’s huge range of campaigns to play through. Set in a single house, the game also has VR Support for Playstation 4. Critics have been favorable to the new title, and it might herald a new era for the series which has struggled with its previous entries. We’ve trawled the internet for every Resident Evil 7 Review, and here are the best.

The Survival Horror title takes inspiration from Hideo Kojima’s P.T, which was infamously canceled by Konami. Resident Evil 7 takes much of what P.T conceptualised and turned it into a fully fledged title. Resident Evil 7 was originally announced as ‘Kitchen’: A VR Demo that had your character trapped in a room as a mysterious presence wanders the room. We’ve played a demo of Resident Evil 7. Named Lantern, we were chased throughout the house by a woman with a lantern in VR. The Playstation VR is a huge innovation for the game and gives you the ability to peek around corners and make this survival horror feel more immersive than ever. Resident Evil 7 has so far seen to have little to no connection with every previous title’s mythos. Here’s a trailer:

I very much doubt we will see that Leon Kennedy or Chris Redfield returning in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, so fans of these characters shouldn’t expect an appearance. As a departure and return to the roots of the franchise, Resident Evil 7 couldn’t be looking better than ever, and this is reflected in what critics have been saying about the game.

“…It’s an excellent game that pushes the series in worthy new directions.” – Polygon

“Resident Evil 7’s house of horrors recaptures the tension that first made the series a household name.” – Gamespot

“One of gaming’s great series moves into the future then, triumphantly reborn, and where it can go from here is anyone’s guess.” –  Kotaku UK

“7 is a success, providing a rich, atmospheric and reverent chiller that is just silly enough to make sure we are all having fun.” – The Telegraph

“Thick in atmosphere and skilled at manipulating your mental state to get your heart pounding with horror, plot twists or action, Resident Evil 7 is my first major game of the year contender for 2017 – I loved it.” – VG247