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Standpoint was one of a number of games that I saw, wanted to try, and then didn’t have time for at this year’s Eurogamer Rezzed expo. The developers, Unruly Attractions (‘a small Indie games studio who like to make games that make you think a little bit’), describe the in-development game as ‘an atmospheric first person puzzler, based around a gravity shifting mechanic. The game consists of the player navigating their way through a maze like environment, making their way to the exits while the narrator offers cryptic advice.’

Standpoint Demo

Image Source: Unruly Attractions

I picked up the demo, available here, and was able to learn the mechanics of the game almost instantly and by osmosis. The nature of the game mechanics almost compel you to speedrun it, which is admittedly at odds with the atmosphere created by the game’s eerie, droll voiceover and soundtrack. The full game will, however, include a post-completion time trial mode.

There is obviously a great deal of potential in the mechanics, which recall a cross between portal and the crawling mechanics of the Alien vs Predator games. It’s certainly a game you should be keeping your eye on, as I will. Make sure you check it out!

Have you played the demo? Let us know your thoughts below!

Feature Image Source: Unruly Attractions

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