Black Adam Breakdown – What’s Next For DC’s Antihero?

The following article features spoilers for Black Adam – so if you haven’t seen it, you have been warned.

The hierarchy of power has changed! 15 years after Dwayne Johnson first expressed interest in playing Black Adam, his turn as DC’s towering antihero has finally hit our screens.

But that isn’t all that The Rock has been cooking, as the film features several cheeky nods to the future of the character within the DC cinematic extended universe.

The biggest of these has been extensively teased by the actor for several months now (Johnson was early to give the game away), but we wanted to dive further into it.


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Yes, the worst kept secret in Hollywood was made official in the mid-credits sequence, as Henry Cavill returned to our screens as Superman for the first time in five years (if you’re not counting Zack Snyder’s director’s cut of Justice League that is).

Dwayne Johnson has been teasing a superhero smackdown with the Man Of Steel for months now and this stinger tees that up perfectly.

Black Adam is told by Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller not to leave Khandaq, where the JSA have left him as protector, or he will face the consequences – as we find out, these come in the form of an angry Kal-El.

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There’s nothing more to it really, but with producer Hiram Garcia recently stating that a Black Adam vs. Superman fight would feature in more than just a “one-off” movie, functioning as a narrative arc threading the next several DC projects together, this makes sense as an introduction to the chaos that lies ahead.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Cavill didn’t feature in the original plan for Black Adam, with the actor only contacted when reshoots went ahead earlier this year.

Now he seems central to Warner Bros’ plans for the DCEU, with a Man Of Steel sequel finally in development, nearly a decade after his big screen origin story debuted.

This is just the first in many more adventures to come.

The Other Henry (Winkler)


Cavill wasn’t the only Henry who made a surprise cameo, as many fans were caught off guard by the legendary actor Henry Winkler making a brief cameo FaceTiming Noah Centineo’s Atom Smasher.

The appearance lasts about ten seconds, but was originally reported last year when it was highlighted that he would be playing Al Pratt, the first Atom, who is something of a guardian figure to the character.

It’s a fun cameo, but one that we never revisit again – maybe in a future film focusing on the Justice Society Of America we could get more of him. Speaking of which…

The Future Of The JSA

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With the JSA and Black Adam parting ways on good terms (as long as he keeps himself stationed in Khandaq that is), the stage is set for the team to reappear in future DCEU projects.

And whilst the cast are staying tight-lipped about the future of the franchise, Hawkman himself, Aldis Hodge, has given several interviews discussing what he’d like any potential sequel or spin-off to explore.

In the comics, Hawkman has different origin stories depending on the iteration of the character, and in an interview with ScreenRant, Hodge has said that while this film pulls on the “consistent traits” of each one, he hopes to be able to tell the definitive backstory in another movie.

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Speaking to Zavvi, Hodge went further, saying that even though it’s early days, “[I would love for it] to explore more of Carter Hall’s history and the early stages of his relationship with Kent Nelson.”

The actor had previously been quoted as saying Black Adam was the first part of a trilogy leading up to a Black Adam vs. Superman battle – in our interview, he stressed those were just his hopes as a fan. If that does get announced, you’ll read it here first!

Black Adam is in cinemas now.

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