Loki: Who Is Episode One’s Mysterious Hooded Figure?

This article contains spoilers for episode one of Loki.

Today is a good day as the first episode of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) show Loki has debuted, and it is just as fun as we hoped it would be!

Setting up the new series, the episode introduced us to the sacred timeline, Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius, Miss Minutes and most crucially the fact that there are different versions of Loki.

We see the Time Variance Authority (TVA) attempting to track down a mysterious hooded figure who has been murdering their agents, with a cliffhanger at the end revealing that this is actually another version of Loki, known as a ‘variant’, who appears to be the villain of the show.

But which variant of Loki is the one who has been terrorising the timeline, staying hidden under the cloak? Here are the options.

Lady Loki

Marvel Comics

The most likely option for who is the mysterious hooded variant is Lady Loki, a female version of the character from the comics.

Loki is reborn as a woman in the comics becoming Lady Loki, a version who is just as nefarious as the original, often plotting to banish Thor and become the ruler of Asgard.

She is definitely evil enough to be behind the murders, and she’s also the most likely candidate thanks to leaked photos showing actor Sophia di Martino sporting a Loki outfit.

King Loki

Marvel Comics

Actor Richard E. Grant has been confirmed to appear in Loki although his role is yet to be revealed, so it’s likely he could be playing a variant, perhaps King Loki.

In the comics this version of Loki is older and he’s also more villainous, being consumed by rage and a desire to be king.

The Loki variant the TVA are attempting to track down is certainly wicked, and so it could very well be King Loki, with the show building up to the big reveal of Grant as the character.

It’s also worth noting that in the comics he is taken down by the younger Loki, so the show could perhaps be following this storyline.

President Loki

Marvel Studios

We have already seen President Loki in trailers for the show, although it is yet to be made clear whether this is our Loki dressing up, or a variant. So there is the chance that he is another version of Loki and the mysterious hooded figure.

In the comics this Loki ran to become President of the United States, using mischievous schemes of course because hey, this is Loki we are talking about.

He did become quite popular with the electorate gaining many followers, something we can see in the teasers for the show as the character is surrounded by fans, all of which are brandishing weapons though.

The comics’ President Loki isn’t exactly evil though, his plots are reasonably harmless so it’s not likely he is behind the killing of TVA agents.

Kid Loki

Marvel Comics

In a comic book storyline, following his death Loki was reborn as Kid Loki, a young version of the character with no memory of his past of evil deeds.

Although Kid Loki did get up to mischief, he didn’t really become malevolent until a ghost of his former self corrupted him.

Whilst the hooded figure appears to be the height of an adult, as we all known Loki can create illusions to change up his appearance, so perhaps this is Kid Loki in disguise.

Teen Loki

Marvel Comics

Another option is that the mysterious variant could be Teen Loki, a teenage version of the character from the comics who battled between being good and evil.

Although he has a manipulative side, Teen Loki did go on to become part of superhero group the Young Avengers, something the MCU seems to be introducing with several members making an appearance in the series (Eli Bradley, Wiccan, Speed, Cassie Lang etc.)

Could we see Loki following this redemptive story, seeing Kid Loki go from foe to friend? It seems unlikely as the version of Loki underneath the cloak needs to be evil enough to be behind the murders.

Loki airs weekly on Disney+.

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