WandaVision Reveals One Of Its Big Secrets And It Spells Trouble Ahead

This article contains spoilers for WandaVision.

“It was Agatha all along…” Like many of you we can’t stop singing this little ditty which helped top off yet another brilliant episode of WandaVision.

As we continue to approach the show’s finale, things are only getting more and more interesting, with the latest episode finally confirming what us and many others have long predicted – that nosy neighbour Agnes is indeed Agatha Harkness.

There have been many clues that have indicated that Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes is indeed Marvel Comics’ character Agatha, but WandaVision held its cards close to its chest only revealing the truth in a rather brilliant moment in episode seven.

Marvel Comics

In a suitably spooky basement, Agnes approaches a bewildered Wanda saying: “You didn’t think you were the only magical girl in town, did you? The name’s Agatha Harkness. Lovely to meet you!”

And indeed it is lovely to meet you Agatha!

Cue a montage scene accompanied by a jaunty tune which sees Agatha messing around, taking advantage of the chaos, and cackling as she tells the audience she did indeed kill Sparky the dog.

But who is Agatha Harkness, what is her plan, and why does the reveal spell trouble ahead? Let’s unpick it.

Who Is Agatha Harkness?

Marvel Comics

Agatha Harkness has a very long and very complicated history in the comic books, but the essentials are that she is a very powerful witch who has an interesting relationship with Scarlet Witch (a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff).

As her mentor, Agatha showed Wanda how to use her powers effectively, making her become an increasingly powerful superhero.

However, their relationship soon turned sour with Agatha wiping Wanda’s memory of the two children she had with Vision: Tommy and Billy.

Marvel Comics

The twins were absorbed by the villain Mephisto which of course made Wanda very unhappy, and with Agnes recognising danger therefore could lie ahead, she took action.

Whilst there was harmony for some time with Agatha continuing as Wanda’s mentor, soon enough the truth was uncovered resulting in Scarlet Witch murdering her teacher.

Of course Agatha would later come back to life as no one is really dead in comic books!

Is Agatha Harkness Evil? What Is Her Plan?

Marvel Studios

In the comics Agatha is more of a friend than a villain, however she does indeed have a wicked side which seems to be in play in WandaVision.

Although the Westview anomaly seems to have been created by Wanda, there have always been suspicions someone else has also been pulling some strings, especially when Wanda revealed to Vision she didn’t bring Pietro into this reality.

Agnes, or shall we say Agatha, has always intervened in Wanda’s life in Westview, so it was to no surprise she has been the secret puppet master the show has been hiding, well, hiding in clear sight that is.

Manipulating events to cause a bit of chaos, Agatha also pretended to be under Wanda’s spell when talking to Vision, something she clearly had fun with.

Marvel Studios

But what is her endgame? Why has she been making mischief in Westview?

Whilst Agatha’s meddling hasn’t exactly had a huge impact on the story so far, crucially she has been making things more difficult for Wanda and causing her pain, something that is heavily hinted will be taken to the next level.

With her basement looking exceptionally spooky filled with gnarly trees and bone relics, it appears Agatha has had her very own secret lair where she has been working on her plan.

And it certainly looks like this ‘basement’ is not a part of Westview…

Marvel Studios

Inside her lair is a mysterious glowing book the camera ensures it focuses on for a split second indicating this will be key to the story. Potentially it is one from Doctor Strange’s library…

Has Agatha been working on a spell? Is she the shark we saw in the advert in episode six that fed off a boy’s magic until he died?

Agatha has certainly been quite invested in Wanda’s two children Tommy and Billy, and so maybe she is planning to feed off their magic and power.

In fact in the episode, as she offered to look after them for Wanda, she told the camera she promises not to “bite” them, then admitting she has bitten a child before. It could indeed be no coincidence…

Marvel Studios

It’s also important to note that at the very end Agatha put a spell on Wanda turning her eyes purple, indicating that she is now under the cackling witch’s control.

Has Agatha just been having some fun in Westview until whatever spell or ritual she has been working on became ready, one which will allow her to control Wanda and really unleash chaos?

Well, it is quite possible, but there’s also the potential that Agatha isn’t evil at all and is actually looking to recruit Wanda.

Marvel Studios

At the end of the day in the comics she is a mentor like figure, helping Wanda become more powerful, so maybe that is the reason behind her interfering, pushing Wanda, testing her strength and trying to help her realise her full potential.

If that’s the case there’s probably a big bad lurking somewhere, with Agatha helping Wanda grow stronger so the two can team up and take the villain on.

Whether Agatha is good or bad, one thing is for certain and that is that trouble lies ahead…

Is Mephisto Also Involved?

Marvel Studios

Talking of a villain awaiting their moment, there have long been rumours since the show debuted that Mephisto will make an appearance thanks to several clues.

A baddie of the comics, Mephisto is an extremely powerful immortal demonic entity who has many powers thanks to his ability to manipulate the forces of magic. Considering his abilities it would make sense for his paths to cross with Wanda one day.

If Mephisto is involved he is likely either in cahoots with Agatha on some evil plan, or maybe Hahn’s witch is aware of his presence and this is the villain she will need Wanda’s help defeating.

Marvel Studios

There is certainly some indication that he will arrive soon, as the latest episode teased Mephisto’s involvement.

Whilst sat in Agatha’s house, Wanda spots an insect on the curtains which looks like a rather big fly. Given that in the comics Mephisto first appeared as a fly, this could be a big clue.

Then again it could just be a random insect and we are reading too much into it! That said, anything really is possible in WandaVision and Marvel Studios love to tease us.

What Does This Tell Us About Pietro?

Marvel Studios

Pietro’s arrival raised a lot of eyebrows as we doubted he was who he said he was, and it looks like we were right to have our suspicions.

During the montage which showed what Agatha has been up to, it was clear that Pietro was under her control, suggesting that she has sent him in for her own means.

Which could explain his different appearance as maybe Agatha was manipulating another person and getting him to play the role of Pietro for Wanda.

Marvel Studios

Whilst it is unclear though where Pietro came from, Agatha still seems to be his puppet master as he surprised Monica Rambeau in a mid-credits scene in today’s episode.

As Monica discovers the basement Pietro pops out of nowhere greeting her with “snoopers gonna snoop”, perhaps being sent to keep an eye on the S.W.O.R.D. agent by Agatha who has clearly always disliked her.

Maybe the two will face off in the next episode? The cliffhangers the episode leaves us on does suggest that not only does trouble lie ahead for Wanda, but for Monica too.

WandaVision airs every Friday exclusively on Disney+.

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