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As any discerning Steelbook collector knows, not all Steelbooks are created equal. Some Steelbooks don’t have the names printed on the spine, some use really generic artwork. We’ve decided to take a look at some Steelbooks with some of the most striking artwork and designs to really pop out in any collection. These are just a few from our selection over on the site- here are our Top 5 coolest Steelbooks. Do you have them all?


Sometimes, less is more. Arrival isn’t only a quieter sci-fi film with precisely one explosion, but it’s also a rumination on love, loss and the nature of humanity itself. This is perfectly represented in the design of the Steelbook, which is equally as stripped down as the film. We’re presented with two of the beautiful ink designs that are featured in Arrival- to find out it’s true, hidden meaning, you’ll need to see the film first! Either way, we’re in love with this design. It’s simple, to the point and looks brilliant.

Reservoir Dogs – Mondo X Steelbook

Tarantino’s iconic Reservoir Dogs isn’t just a film about hacking off ears or men named after colours, it’s a relentlessly stylish and innovative movie that pushes the boundaries with how it’s presented and more. This Steelbook is designed by the wizards at Mondo, who are world-renowned for redesigning classic movie posters. Adorned with a beautiful design, this is not only the definitive version of Reservoir Dogs, but also the definitive Steelbook.

Laputa: Castle In the Sky

Studio Ghibli is world-renowned for their unique, more mature movies. Laputa: Castle in the Sky might be one of the studio’s first outings, but it has just as much majesty as films like ‘Spirited Away’ and ‘Princess Mononoke’. This Steelbook features a distinct, more understated design that perfectly compliments the tone of the film itself. Hayao Miyazaki has a few stand-out feature films, and Laputa is one that you’re definitely not going to want to miss.

Daredevil: Season 2

Daredevil is one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes. With his small-screen debut over a year ago, the blind Defender has continued to impress fans and critics with the best onscreen adaptation of the Daredevil comics ever! To celebrate, the Steelbook is also stylishly designed, adorned with a comic-book like artstyle that compliments the Season 1 Steelbook by giving us an unrelenting, harsh and gritty design that also perfectly blends in with the tone of the show.

High Rise

Adorned on the cover of High Rise’s Steelbook is a piece of art that harkens back to another era of filmmaking. You wouldn’t turn your head when you saw a poster for Vertigo or Metropolis back in the day, and High Rise’s Steelbook very much apes this retro film-poster style with a design that really pops out and looks great. Starring Tom Hiddleston, High-Rise is a film with as much style and flair as the actor himself.

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