Top 5 Power Rangers Opening Songs

With the new film incoming, we decide to take a trip down memory lane. Saban and Shuki Levy’s famous superhero series has been running for over 20 years now, all the way from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to the newest series; Ninja Steel. One massive icon from the 90’s is Power Rangers’ opening song, which has been replaced in every subsequent season. So which one is the best? The legendary Ron Wasserman composed the original Power Rangers opening theme, but the acclaimed songwriter also composed the opening song for the 90’s X-Men cartoon. We’re counting down our top 5 Power Rangers openings, are you ready for a trip down memory lane?

5. Power Rangers in Space

Power Rangers in Space marked a tonal shift from the usual campy nature of the show and deviated towards more story-driven narratives rather than the monster of the week that the show had been known for. ‘In Space’ also marked the end of the ‘Zordon’ era of Power Rangers, concluding a 7-year story. To reflect this Ron Wasserman was called back to compose the Power Rangers in Space opening, which reflected the more serious tone of the show, is still catchy and has an AMAZING guitar solo.

4. Power Rangers Time Force

Time Force is one of the most well-loved Power Rangers series that are outside the typical ‘Zordon’ Era shows. The first episode is fully centered around the Red Time Force ranger and leader of the group getting killed by the show’s villain, Ransik. The Pink Ranger was also the Red Ranger’s fiance who travels 1000 years back in time to prevent his death in the year 2001. This darker Power Rangers opening has some of the coolest visuals with it’s future setting, catchy lyrics that don’t sound too cheesy and also has one of, if not the single best guitar solo in any Power Rangers opening.

3. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

While Lightspeed Rescue might be one of the weaker series on this list, the opening has a great guitar line running through it. It’s a classic metal theme that has another brilliant guitar solo through the series. Lightspeed Rescue was a slightly different series, but ultimately failed to capture a dedicated audience despite this killer opening song.

2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The one that started it all, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has the most iconic opening of them all, and kicked off the iconic ‘Go-Go Power Rangers’ theme that the series is so well known for. The full version was released in 2012, and has since been covered by a huge variety of bands since. The theme was even reprised for Power Rangers Samurai.

1. Power Rangers SPD

Yep, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers doesn’t top the list. Power Rangers SPD’s opening theme tops this list. With Ron Wasserman back at the helm, SPD’s opening has a more prog-rock sound to it as well as a more defined structure that creates an urgency that really makes you want to dive into the show. The series itself is another fan-favourite, with SPD trading on nostalgia and featuring suit designs of previous shows such as Power Rangers in Space and the classic Zyuranger suits that are featured in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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