The Boys Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

We last saw the characters of The Boys all at crossroads; some involving the whereabouts of their missing spouse, others recovering from heart attacks brought on by drugs, some deciding to shave their heads as a last resort, and then there were those who just out right killed their boss.

To top all that off, the discovery of super villains as now the main threat, needless to say this all set up the next season of The Boys to be even more explosive.

And by looks of the clip going round, we really do mean ‘explosive’.

With the promise from the show’s creator, Eric Kripke, of a crazier, more emotional season with high stakes, recent cast panels, teasers and trailers have also given us clues as to what to expect.

Butcher’s return

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With the gang on the run, being hunted by The Seven and the sudden reappearance of Butcher; things are about to get even more bizarre for Hughie, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie and The Female.

At the end of the last season, Butcher had just found out some earth‐shattering news about his wife Rebecca and was separated from The Boys, with season two picking up soon after with his sudden return, expecting to be embraced by his friends but instead met with a frosty welcome.

If season one was about him seeking revenge, then season two is all about him trying to save Rebecca. He’ll think twice about jeopardising the gang again to fulfil his own agenda but knowing Butcher, he’s bound to make more than few errors along the way to redemption.

Hughie’s evolution

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We’ll get to see the further evolution of Hughie as he steps up his game, taking his place within the group.

In the first season we saw Hughie latching himself onto people, being told what to do, but now we’ll get to see him realise exactly who he is.

Hints have been dropped about Hughie and Starlight’s relationship, there’s still chemistry there and it’s edging back towards romantic, but with The Boys being enemies of Vought and The Seven, their loyalties will be tested.

The origins of The Female

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One duo within the team who spent most of season one protecting each other were Frenchie and The Female, and in season two we’ll get to find out more about her past, why she is the way she is and why she doesn’t speak.

Karen Fukuhara, who plays the infamous Female, has described the role as challenging considering the lack of dialogue, but she also mentioned she’s excited about the fight scenes in season two, particularly something called ‘the black widow stunt’.

And when it comes to the close bond her character shares with Frenchie, in this season they’ll have to learn to be separate from each other.

As well as The Female’s past, we’ll also get to learn more about Frenchie himself, an origin story of sorts, including his real name.

The Seven

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With The Deep banished to Ohio, A‐Train in recovery and the mightiest team short of a member, The Seven are hanging by a thread. Meanwhile now that Homelander has murdered the only person who could control him, he is in an even more fragile and dangerous state of mind.

While Homelander is trying to hang on to traces of Stillwell, teased in the trailer as he drinks the breastmilk she left behind, Starlight is adapting to the dark world of being a superhero.

Despite still wanting to keep to the same values, we’ll see her putting thick walls between others at the start of season two, particularly with Hughie. She’ll even be blackmailing A‐train, a member of her own team to keep him quiet about the events at the end of season one.

We’ll also see her learning to adapt and even making some unusual decisions, such as teaming up with Butcher.

Superhero Terrorists

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The secret is out about Compound V, they have been giving the formula to babies, they’ve been breeding superheroes, so it makes sense that Vought helped create superpowered terrorists as well.

Fanning these flames and taking a ‘more hands’ on role will be Stan Edgar, CEO of Vought, seen in the last episode of season one.

Edgar will also go head to head with Homelander, who will be in a vulnerable state, especially after the loss of Stillwell.


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With Translucent dead, there is a much‐desired and vacant spot in The Seven, so in comes Stormfront, who is more than a match for Homelander and not just in her violent attitude and ego.

Based on a character from the original comics, but in a gender swapped role played by Aya Cash, Stormfront is not only going to shake up the status quo of The Seven, but her arrival is also key to some the subjects covered throughout the season.

She’s social media savvy and knows how to work this to her advantage. Her comic book counterpart has a history of being a Nazi and although it’s been said this version of Stormfront won’t necessarily be sporting a swastika, she will definitely not shy away from controversial views.

The Gore

During the Comic Con At Home panel a fun clip was dropped, involving The Boys being pursued by The Deep and many of his marine mammal friends in a high‐speed boat chase.

But in true Boys style, blood is splattered everywhere when Butcher drives the boat straight into a whale blocking their path.

It’s enough to get any fan of the show geared up and ready for the season. Kripke and the cast talked very excitedly about how the show celebrates filming everything for real, and using CGI as little as possible.

Urban mentioned what an amazing scene it was to shoot as they really had a huge prosthetic whale that they drove into. Just one of the charms of the show.

Season Three

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With the announcement that The Boys has already been picked up for a third season before we even get to see how season two plays out, that means there is immense amount of faith in the fans, the audience and in the characters’ storylines. We’re in for a hell of time, round two!

Season Two Release Date

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Season two of The Boys will start on Amazon Prime on 4th September launching with three episodes, with new additions coming every Friday until 9th October.

A behind-the-scenes talk show called Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys will also premiere, starting with a special episode on 28th August giving us a recap, with a new edition accompanying each episode of season two.

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